Wearable "ORII" with ring-type bone conduction speaker that can operate smartphone with voice

Ring-type wearable terminal that enables you to operate digital devices such as smartphone and PC just by moving your finger in the air "Ring ZEROAlthough I have reviewed in GIGAZINE in the past, to operate a smartphone by voice instead of moving a finger instead of a finger is called "ORII"is.

ORII - Control Your Smartphone Using Only Your Voice by Origami Labs - Kickstarter

You can tell what kind of terminal ORII is by looking at the following movie.

Ring type wearable terminal is ORII

I wear it with my fingers and use it.

ORII is a terminal that transforms the wearer's finger into a smartphone.

Normally, in the case of a smartphone, the screen is tapped for operation, but ORII operates the smartphone by voice.

By using osteoconduction technology, ORII transforms fingers placed on ears into microphone & speaker.

I hear the sound by vibration due to bone conduction, so I hear a sound firmly even in noisy places. How, ORII will deliver clear sound of the level of medical hearing aid.

Also, since you talk in a loud voice and recognize it firmly, there is no worry that people will be asked about private content.

Of course it corresponds to Android terminal and iOS terminal.

You can also use iPhone's Siri via ORII or use Google Assistant so you can use various functions such as phone, timer, notification and translation.

Three types of terminal colors: silver, dark gray, matte black.

A design that matches various scenes from formal to casual.

Furthermore, it is waterproofing equivalent to IPX7, so you do not need to remove ORII each time you wash your hands. Also, for the aluminum used for the housing partAnodizing processIt seems that it is strong against scratches because it has been applied.

Notification of smartphone can be notified by ORII's LED light and vibration.

It looks like you actually used ORII. People who are smiling without thinking of clear sounds beyond imagination are continuously appearing.

The specifications of ORII are as follows. It communicates with Dual Bluetooth 3.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and supports Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9 or later. 45 hours if the battery is in the standby state, 1 hour if the battery is on call. Charging time is also 1 hour.

This is a charger dedicated to ORII.

In addition, it seems that three kinds of silicon gauges for size adjustment come along with the finger size.

Such "ORII" is looking for investment by Kickstarter of the cloud funding site. The target amount was 30,000 dollars (about 3.3 million yen), but at the time of writing the article has already gathered more than 180 thousand dollars (about 20 million yen) that is six times that, and it is almost sure to commercialize. If you wish to get ORII, you can get one for a $ 119 (about 13,000 yen) investment, 2 for a $ 230 (about 25,000 yen) investment, 5 for a $ 525 (about 58,000 yen) contribution It is possible to get. It is scheduled to ship around February 2018, and delivery to Japan requires an extra shipping fee of $ 15 (about 1700 yen) or more.

The deadline for investing in ORII is August 17, 2017 at 20:32.

ORII - Your Voice Powered Smart Ring by Origami Labs - Kickstarter

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