Headline news on 17th April 2007

You can talk to Rika when you connect to the PCRika-chan Telephone Service (PDF)It will be sold from Thursday, April 19th. I have written that the official site opening is April 18, alreadyIt is supposed to be seen. By installing the attached software, we will take action according to the content spoken by speech recognition, and will call with the name registered in advance. There seems to be more than 200 scenarios in the attached software for more than 250 minutes in all,urban legendDoes it respond like this? By the way, you can talk to "Rika chan" by calling the original phone call "Rika chan phoneIt seems that even now the service of about 10,000 calls are coming monthly.

So, tomorrowApril 18. The International Amateur Radio Union was formed in 1925, the International Court of Justice established in 1946, and in 1972 the electronic musical instrument manufacturer "Roland" was established. Also in 1945 John Fleming discovered Fleming 's law, in 1955 Albert Einstein died. And since April 18, 1855 the Monopoly Patent Ordinance that is the source of the patent law was promulgated, it is the day of invention.

Today's headline news.

"80s nostalgic image collection" additions ■ Blog reviewing the second half of the 1980s to the first half of the 1990s(Images, images of Rika chan phone that was released in the past)

Slashdot Japan | Chocolate sweeter than a kiss(Body, excitement time is longer for people who eat chocolate than enthusiastic kisses)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 High speed version of "Add / Remove Programs" which can also search "Only delete programs"(It is convenient for obtaining a list of software, PC diet and installation software)

A hungry guy with a stomach attacks the garrison of the military | Excite News(Animal, Malaysian army can invade even bears)

asahi.com: red light and smoke from toilet TOTO firing accident - society(Accident, no public announcement for about three years since the first accident)

【Column】 KOMONO Road (10) Ten Volume: Alcohol Sensor "HC-206" to Prevent One Full Cup at a Glance | Personal Computer | My Computer Journal(Gadget, drinking is not drunk even if you drink)

Game * Spark -: Solid Snake Paper Craft (Cardboard Box)(Game, Snakeak!)

Osamu news "All citizens are reporters" OhmyNews: Oh my good news "Oh, I'm sorry"(Language, ambiguity of Japanese is amazing)

wHite_caKe - I do not know where I went wrong(Words, conversations that run away)

Backlash to 1984 - Although it says to kill disadvantaged people(Psychology, emotions brought by a lot of information)

Mechanism of human beings I love(Psychology, first impression is almost determined by appearance)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Looking around the bench that home seems not to sit(I want you to make the function more important than furniture and design)

In China dogs are also popular(Image, ride on the bicycle carrier)

Mantra Puri's lifetime stock solution 35 degrees - Seto's bride or a lucky star in the station(Animation, municipalities may sponsor and build animation and drama)

Tamagotto rice - Finally, "Precure 5" has "Nagisa"! !(Anime, the story of the second episode was secretly included)

Daily thread guide: OP · ED collection of dancing animation(Movie, a fair amount of works are dancing)

What is your birthrate? "Masked Rider's Stronger" Mr. Araki run horse(Politics, from hero to politicians)

FujiSankei Business i. Stations to realize international / US millionaire space space station, 3 units built in 10 years(Universe, who are going to stay?)

Function change, notice etc. - Once in the lab diary - About the end of Hatena Music(Net service, unrecoverable due to hardware failure)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Hot spring Tamago decorating the table Happiness - Elephant "Egg DoDoDo" (1/2)(Memo, you can make hot spring eggs at home)

ITmedia + D Mobile: Nokia Launches "WiMAX" Mobile Phone in 2008(Mobile, WiMAX mobile phone is finally put to practical use)

Takayuki Horie's 'Weekly Mobile CATCH UP' Difficulty of mobile phone business seen from the ripple of IP Mobile(Tasks of new entry groups that it will cost more than 100 billion yen to develop mobile and mobile phone networks)

Nokia, online sharing of "Nokia N73" corresponds to SNS "mixi"(Make it easier to update mixi diary with photos than attaching to mobile and email)

Nissan Motor launches development and validation experiment of cellular phone coordinated ITS system aiming at reducing traffic accidents of pedestrians(Experiment of a system to avoid contact between a car and a pedestrian by using a GPS function of a mobile phone)

Successful visualization of flow of "Kosa" which flew over Tokyo - Toward realization of stereoscopic observation of urban airspace -(Memo, Successfully grasped the flow of dust that was impossible so far)

Notice on Free Inspection / Repair of Toilet with Integrated Hot Water Flush Toilet(Society, recall of TOTO)

"1 row recipe" from alfalfa mosaic(Cooking, easy one line recipe)

Salmon-like pillow, Ultra is real: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Gadget, salmon pillow full of reality is 2500 yen)

Om visitor - sales of religion "I am studying hands"(Culture, please study a little more hands)

Report "Transition of sans serif gothic"(Character, Morisawa strong)

■ (PDF file)Release of software for Nintendo DS "Wakabayashi Fumie's DS Stock Lesson ♪" released(Game, training to start stock with Nintendo DS)

"FMV-TEO" "FMV-DESKPOWER" renewed lineup: Fujitsu(It is possible to search and sort by the face of the photographed person adopting the hardware recognition function of the digital camera and the face)

Music and images! Remote control · Speaker Dock with iPod charging function ~ 6 color variations allow you to use colors with your existing iPod ~ |(Hardware, colorful iPod dock, you can enjoy movies by connecting with older TVs because it has S terminal and composite terminal)

Residential fire alarm "Releasing Kumumari duty" and "Netsu duty" released | News | Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.(Hardware, equipped with a function to notify the fire with the sound "fire, fire.")

Intel Corporation Announces System-on-Chip Media Processor to Realize Next Generation Home Appliances(Hardware, Intel processors installed in next-generation digital home appliances)

Suntory green tea "Iemon gate new tea" Seasonal limited release - Further refining the delicacy, new tea of ​​"Iemon gate" appeared this year -(Food, season of new tea this year too)

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