When you emulate Windows 1.01 released about 30 years ago in the browser, it becomes like this

Operating on MS-DOS which was launched in Japan in 1986 "Windows 1.01Emulating on the browser and feeling it is "Windows - Virtual x86"is. It is nostalgic for those who have used Windows 1.01, and people who have never used it will have a fresh experience in a sense.

Windows - Virtual x86

Windows 1.01 will start automatically when opening the above URL.

When Windows 1.01 starts up, the A drive is displayed. Although it is different from recent Windows, UI design is not separated from the classic design of Windows. The contents are not different from the list of the current explorer.

In the menu bar are "File", you can start up, load, copy, etc.

Next to "File" is the "View" menu, which allows you to rearrange the displayed files.

In the current Windows, "Special" can end the session and create a directory.

Double-click "CALC.EXE" to open it, do it work properly.

This is a calculator. I feel fresh with a shadow on the calculator.

If you enter a number using the mouse pointer, you can actually calculate it.

To finish, hover over the hamburger icon on the top left and click "Close" OK.

This is a calendar, color usage is innovative.

You can also enter the actual schedule with text.

Select the "Save As" schedule you entered and save.

After entering the name of the file and clicking "Save" at the end, saving to A drive is completed.

When I returned to drive A, the created "GIGAZINE.CAL" was properly saved.

It is a clock, but the time has deviated considerably from the current time.

The command prompt is blank in the background.

Only the time and date, blinking speed of the cursor, double click speed can be set on the control panel.

A font file whose extension is "FON" or ...

A file with the extension "DRV" which is a type of system file could not be opened.

Since Windows - Virtual x86 is emulating on the browser, the operation may be slightly unstable. If you do not move or you do not understand the operation, click "Reset" on the upper left of the screen.

When you click Reset, Windows 1.01 restarts ... ....

That's why I can play again. When actually operating the OS of the old, it realizes that the advancement of technology is realized, and at the same time, it seems that there are many parts that have not changed except for the appearance.

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