"Disconnect" which invalidates advertisement, SNS button, tracking code and speed up page display up to 27%

Blocking over 2000 types of data tracking code that could lead to the leakage of personal information and hiding some advertisements and SNS buttons from the web page at the same time speed up the display of the page by up to 27% Browser extension function will be "Disconnect"is. The developer was a former Google engineer, and it is a tool developed to enable the user side to control personal information online, so I actually tried using it to see how it works.

Disconnect | Online Privacy & Security

◆ I tried using the extended function for PC
"Disconnect" has released extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, you can access the following page and click "Get Disconnect" to install the extension for your browser .

Private Browsing

In the case of Firefox, the following display appears on the screen, so click "Permit".

Click "Install now".

When installation is completed, click "Restart Now" to restart the browser.

After rebooting, the icon "D" is added to the upper right of the browser.

When clicking this, the following display appears. Information about the tracking code blocked here will be displayed.

That's why I display the appropriate web page ......

Clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the browser is like this. The green icon is the content blocked by "Disconnect", and the one displayed in gray indicates that it is not blocked.

The number shown in the red frame is the number of links to major SNS such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, which "Disconnect" hides. In the case of the image below, we are hiding the links to Facebook and Twitter one by one.

Items "Advertising", "Analytics", "Social" and "Content" are lined up at the bottom of the box, and when the tracking code that corresponds to each type is blocked, each item The number displayed in the display will increase. In the case of the following image, "Advertising" is "4 requests", so we block four advertisement related contents with tracking code. If you click on the item, the delivery source of the tracking code will be displayed, and if you uncheck here, the tracking code of the delivery source that you unchecked will not be blocked.

The bar written as "Time Saved" at the bottom of the screen shows how quickly the page display speed of the browser has been increased by "Disconnect", and in the following cases it has succeeded in speeding up by 11%.

This bar is "Bandwidth saved", and the communication volume has been reduced by 7% (51 KB).

If you click "Whitelist site" in the red frame ... ...

The icon turned gray and all blocks stopped. Clicking "Whitelist site" will not block all tracking codes on the displayed site, so if you want to make it work well, you can click "Blacklist site" OK.

In fact, how much the appearance of the web page will change due to "Disconnect" is like this.

If you display the intact web page without using "Disconnect" it is as follows. Advertisement and share button to SNS are displayed.

This is the whole page.

When "Disconnect" is installed, contents with tracking code are blocked as follows and the share button to some advertisements and SNS is not displayed.

Looking at the whole page, you can see that there are advertisements that remain without being erased.

Although it can not be displayed in Firefox, the button "Visualize page" has been added to "Disconnect" version of Google Chrome version ......

Here you can visualize where the blocking code comes from.

"Disconnect" does not kill the browser function, it will speed up the page and block the tracking code, so it will not be damaged if you install it.

◆ I tried using the mobile version "Disconnect"
"Disconnect" also has a mobile browser application for iOS version and Android version.

Disconnect - privacy and security on the App Store on iTunes

Applications can be installed free from the App Store.

Tap "Open" when installation is completed.

As the explanation of "Disconnect" starts at the first start, swipe the screen to the left ... ....

If you tap "Got it" you will be able to use the app for free. In the free version of Disconnect, you can use "anonymous search", "make tracking visible", "save cookies and history" functions, but "protection of connection" and "protection from malware" Functions such as the paid version can only be used.

"Disconnect" of the application version looks like this.

By tapping the red box frame text box you can enter text and search for web pages.

Tap the red frame part ......

The search area is displayed below the text box. By tapping "United States" here you can freely change the search area.

If you tap the icon at the top left of the screen ... ...

You can change search engine and search area at once.

That's why I searched quickly.

The search is firmly anonymous, and at the bottom of the page is "Your searches are anonymous" (your search is anonymous).

The icon at the bottom of the screen represents "from the left", "going through the page", "updating the page", "application information" from the left, and tapping the red frame part icon ......

Pages can be shared from e-mails and SNS.

Then tap the icon at the right end of the screen ... ...

Content with tracking code is displayed. Tap "mobile trackers".

The tracking code seems to be made by Google.

In addition, items that can not be blocked are displayed as follows.

Since there is no "Protect connection" function in the free version "Disconnect", when you open the web page, the following display pops up at the bottom of the screen. Compared to regular browsers, the features are poor and there are no bookmarks or history, so it seems good to use it only when searching "things you do not want to know around".

There is an Android application in "Disconnect", but instead of installing from Google Play,From hereYou need to download the apk file and install it directly on the terminal.

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