I tried to deform the chameleon bag "Aries" which can change the shape of the bag freely with deformable gimmicks by 7 steps

It is necessary to prepare multiple bags according to the situation, such as a bag for when there are lots of baggage, a small bag for when only a wallet and smartphone is needed, a backpack for when both hands do not want to be blocked, but complicated A chameleon bag that can be freely deformed from a big goreless tote to handbags, clutch bags, backpacks by folding bags by gimmicks is Hanaafu's "Aries"is.

【Rakuten Ichiba】 Category 2 by style> Totebag 6 (tote bag 6)> 【Hanaafu】 Chameleon bag Aries (Alyes) Large: Elutku where you can meet limited bags

You can check how the bags are deformed rapidly from the following movies.

I transformed the chameleon bag "Aries" which can be transformed into a free form with deformable gimmick - YouTube

A large carton box arrived at the editorial department.

When I opened the cardboard box, there was a more gift box and a catalog inside.

When opening the gray box, the chameleon bag "Aries" appears. The material was synthetic leather, when it arrived it was in a state of a flat tote bag without gusset. Aries has seven colors in all, but the one I bought this time is blue, the lower part of the bag is made of light blue material that looks like enamel.

It is about this size when compared with Xperia Z3.

The bag contains things like folds, with buttons everywhere.

But also in the hands.

There were buttons on both ends of the top zipper, and it was attached to 20 places in all.

Opening the top zipper and looking inside, the interior is yellow green, with no pockets in particular.

Besides the paper on which handling precautions were written in the bag, there was paper in which usage was written.

The biggest feature of Aries is its gimmick. By folding along the folds and sticking the buttons, it is possible to change to 5 different shapes just by being in the instruction manual.

◆ 1: Flat Tote
If the bag is still in the reach, it can be used as a flat tote without gusset. It is Petanko, but its size is 41.5 cm in length × 41.5 cm in width, and you can put it in the sketchbook of B 3 with plenty of room.

◆ 2: Tote
So, we will deform from here. First open the zipper of the bag, thrust your hands and make the bottom.

Since there are buttons on both sides, if you click on this ... ...

Completion of a tote bag with a gore.

Looking like this on a shoulder.

The light blue shiny part has become the bottom so it looks like a simple blue bag if it is from the side.

◆ 3: Cube
Next is a cube type. Hold both ends of the body of the tote that was deformed earlier ... ...

Bend and bend downward.

Buttons are attached to the side, so click and hold it.

Then, a box type bag is completed this time.

A side view.

I tried it on the shoulder, it was a solid impression that it was hard to hold a little.

However, the length of the hand can be adjusted. When it arrives, it is a long condition ... ...

If you bundle it in two and fasten it with a button, you can shorten the handle.

It turns into a handbag like this. It was somewhat difficult to hold on the shoulder, but this form is easy to handle.

◆ 4: Diamond
Furthermore, open the top zipper from "◆ 2: tote" state, drive the upper part of the bag from the side to the inside, and bring out the possession outward ... ...

A diamond-shaped bag is completed.

Looking at it from above, it is like this.

I feel like the following when putting on a shoulder with a long hand.

I also tried to shorten the possession. Compared to the state of the tote, it is considerably miniaturized.

◆ 5: Basket bag return
I did not write it in the instructions, but remove the left and right buttons of the diamond bag ......

If you shape it, it will be shaped like a square basket bag.

◆ 6: Clutch
Also, I did not mention this in the manual, but if I fold the flat tote and fasten with the buttons on the side of the top zipper ... ...

To a long thin shape.

I seemed to be able to use it as a large clutch bag.

◆ 7: Hexagon
From the state of the cube, fold the top and bottom three-dimensional parts inward so that they crush from the top.

It should be a hexagon type bag ......, but it does not look like a bag at all.

It's a feeling like "Well ... ...?" When it comes to hand ... ...

When I tried carrying it, the atmosphere like Turtle Sennin came out.

Aries changes considerably also due to deformation. In the form of a tote, you can afford not only Let's note, but also magazines, small bags, wallets and so on.

The top zipper also closes properly.

However, in the case of the diamond type, when Let's note is inserted, in addition to not closing one side button, about two-fifths of Let's note pops out.

Although I tried to deform 7 steps this time, there are no restrictions on how to use it, and it is possible to deform more than 7 steps by idea. It can be said that ease of use is out of the way because it can be changed to various forms depending on mood and application. In addition, Aries can purchase from Rakuten Ichiba with a tax of 10,940 yen. There are seven colors of white, black, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue, and orders are being accepted in a limited number.

【Rakuten Ichiba】 Category 2 by style> Totebag 6 (tote bag 6)> 【Hanaafu】 Chameleon bag Aries (Alyes) Large: Elutku where you can meet limited bags

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