Ultimate wearing blanket "fu-mo PREMIUM" packed with all kinds of elements of cold weather

Although cold weather is indispensable for cold weather in the house, use microfiber which is fluffy and feels good, pack just like everything cold measures such as sleeve cord cord, thumb hole, foot pocket and so on, further easy to move hem The ultimate wearing blanket equipped with a raising button is also "Fu-mo PREMIUM(Houmo Premium) ". Since the tip of the tip of the hand was cold as it came in the winter, I tried purchasing it to see if it could solve the cold at the end of the body.

Fu-mo PREMIUM | Fumo Premium

The fu-mo PREMIUM arrived in a simple box in white. The "u" part of the fu - mo logo is a face with a single point.

Opening the box and taking out the contents, fu-mo PREMIUM jammed tightly in a transparent plastic bag appeared.

Take out and spread out like this. The main body color is seven color expansion of Brown, Navy, Gray, Light Camel, Border / Navy, Warm Gray, Cool Gray, this time I purchased Brown. The whole is Brown one color, the part of the border and the button are unified with a light yellow color Simple design. Size is only one type of free size.

Because it uses a microfiber material with long hair and soft feet, the touch feels soft.

Since the rubber cord is attached to the cuff, you can adjust the size of the original sleeve, keeping the hands in a sharp poop without entering cold air from the sleeve.

Squeezing the code looks like this.

The thumb hole is empty at the end of the sleeve, easy to work specifications such as smartphone operation and reading while wearing fu-mo PREMIUM.

With one larger pocket on each side, even a 6-inch size fiblet is enough to enter.

In the hem part, with feet putting in "foot pocket" with warmth.

Because there are straps around the waist, when you tie up, the blanket sticks to your body, making it hard to bare.

Cover fu-mo PREMIUM and stop the side button ......

You can easily wear it easily. The length was perfect when a man with a height of 175 cm wore.

Looking back is like this. Coupled with this touch and the appearance of one brown color, it is like a bear.

There are two buttons at the collar, a mode that covers the neck relaxed comfortably ......

It can use two kinds of exquisite covering mode properly.

When I sit in a chair it looks something like this. Because the whole is relaxed, you will not be tightened your butt and feet even if you sit.

If you put your feet in your foot pockets your feet will get warm with your sharpness and you will be able to spend your warmth indoors where your feet tend to get cold due to air conditioning.

As "wearing blanket", sleeping while wearing fu-mo PREMIUM is OK.

When the length becomes excess as follows ... ...

If you use loops and buttons for hemming OK.

Raise the hem and wind it kurt, and keep the button, you can keep wearing a blanket to wear without stumble while you move.

Looking through the thumb hole through your finger looks like this.

When reading, if you put your finger out of the thumb hole and further squeeze the sleeve, you can read comfortably without fingertips getting cold.

If you touch the laptop after going out in the winter and touched after you go home, it may be coldly hijie, but if you wear fu-mo PREMIUM you will use your hands with warmth even if your PC is cold It is possible.

Although it is fu-mo PREMIUM packed with all the elements of the weather protection, the difficulty is to start using "Play hairHair loss on the specification called "It is called. But if you wash it twice or three times before use it is a level you do not mind.

In addition, fu-mo PREMIUM can be purchased at Amazon 4212 yen including tax.

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