Wrapped not only the feet but also the entire leg, when it gets hot it is also possible to put out only the feet "Long covered with warm legs" review

"Mysterious slipper that feet do not get cold"From the ankle to the toe,Wear blanket "fu-mo PREMIUM"Heats the whole body, but items that warmly limit "thighs to toes" are not quite satisfactory, and for those who cool down the entire leg it is a place to choose. However,"Long covers with extreme warm feet"In addition to not only wrapping the calves and thighs in addition to the tiptoe but also because it is designed to be able to expose the ankle from the ankle when it gets hot, because it is said that it will also prevent steaming of the toes, so actually used I tried.

"Long covers with extreme warm feet" arrived in a bag like this.

When opening it, a cover similar to a knee sock came out also.

The material is 100% polyester, the hair foot is about 7 mm.

Looking at it from the side, it has a thickness, and it seems to be wrapping your legs with a material like a female.

That is why I was worn by an editorial member who actually wore tights only.

The long cover with extreme warm legs is about 60 cm above the floor when fully extended, so if a woman with a height of 165 cm wears it will hide the knee completely.

The thigh circumference is 55 cm. There is a little tightening, but as the cover does not slide down, it was not tight if the place was adjusted.

It wraps legs tightly up to the tiptoe,"Mysterious slipper that feet do not get cold"The feeling of warmth and texture was felt even at the moment I wore, while the long cover that can give out extremely warm legs has gaps in the surroundings and the feet do not immediately warm up.

Therefore, I actually spent a long cover on which extremely warm feet can appear.

First, the state before wearing a long cover that can produce extreme warm feetInfrared thermography "FLIR i 3"Measured at. The temperature on the knee is relatively high, but the temperature from the ankle to the feet is particularly low, and the result that the toes are colder than the floor was the result.

And, it is the state when one hour has passed after wearing a long cover that can be warm legs. Overall body temperature is rising, especially the calorific temperature rise is prominent. The ankle is also getting warmer, but his feet remained cold.

Three more hours later it was taken. From the tiptoe to the thigh, you can see that it is in a hokoka state. As I thought "There is surplus around the toes ahead" as I thought, the wrapping of the feet is slightly loose, so it will take some time, but in the end it will be warming up with the kitchen.

Because there is a notch in the part of the sole of the foot, if the body temperature rises too much and it feels hot, it will expose the toes with this feeling ...

It is also possible to put all of your feet all together. If the feet are too hot it will get stuffed or you will not be able to fall asleep easily though you want to sleep, but the long cover that can produce extremely warm feet is very big point that we can adjust that point.

Also, another editorial staff member wore it from above jeans. The thermography before wearing looks like the following, the temperature of the tiptoe is also very low here.

A state after 1 hour. In the case of this editorial staff too, it was not that the body temperature rose suddenly ... ...

After 3 hours the calves surroundings and the temperature of the feet were rising.

When I actually used it, I do not slip when walking, I can say that comfort is good. Also, it is likely that people who will cool down the whole leg will feel the effect because it will be awkward with thighs and around the thighs and calves around for a while after wearing. However, in the end you can warm the entire leg, but if you just wear 1 to 2 hours you will have cold left on your toes, so if you want to warm your toes right now you can put socks and so on separately It looked like it was.

In addition, long covers with extreme warm feet can be purchased at Amazon 1660 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Long coverage with extreme warm feet: Drug Store

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