I added a module and can increase storage capacity I tried using the BLACK EMBER backpack

It appeared to Kickstarter in 2014"EMBER EQUIPMENT" backpack which can be customized freely by changing modulesHas successfully established a campaign and has been commercialized, and after that the product has been successfully improved smoothly. Compared to using the first generation and the third generation, we saw that steady progress.


An article when Kickstarter 's campaign began is.

"EMBER EQUIPMENT" backpack which can be customized freely by changing modules - GIGAZINE

Since the campaign was established at the time of the article formation, commercialization was decided. Since I was concerned about what kind of backpack it was, I got the real thing arrived in September 2014.

◆ First Generation Backpack
The bag body this arrived. The size is about the size that can be brought in the cabin just about 20 to 25 liters. Two bulges lined in three rows are the biggest feature of this bag.

The backpack face is like this.

Since I financed the "OUTFITTER PACK" where all the equipment is available, various kinds of pouches (cases) and straps came in.

I will use the case fixed to the protrusion. When installing, it is only a sticky magnet attached with "Kacha", but since it is necessary to remove the bulge when removing it, it will not be removed in the middle while using it.

When I installed the case, it became such feeling, it was supposed to be usable as a bag with storage power other than the main body ... .... It should have been.

However, these things do not understand the details as long as they look at the real thing and touch it. Certainly the internal storage capacity is high, but the problem that the main storage port is narrow is obvious. This is where I'm trying to put a change of clothes in the bag for 1 day in the clothing compression bag, but I will not pass through the storage port unless the compression bag is vertical.

After putting it in, it is as perfect as laying the compression bag sideways.

Even A4 paper will be caught in this way.

Because this is why the fabric inside the bag gets swollen by bending the storage opening of the tubular bag along the outside of the bag.

Both ends of the storage mouth are fixed with the same protrusion used in the modular system, by removing this ......

There is no excitement of the lining and the opening expands ... ...

Still it will only be the width that A4 size will finally pass. Even this is fine as clothing is not a thing to put in and out many times a day, but I feel a little inconvenient if you frequently put in and out digital cameras and documents.

Was this also recognized by BLACK EMBER,Second generation backpackIt was improved so that it can be widely opened.

One of the second generation backpack "SLATE PACK"

A large opening has been realized like this.

◆ 3rd generation backpack
A further improved BLACK EMBER 3 rd generation backpack appeared in 2016. This is also a project gathered 100,000 dollars at Kickstarter.

BLACK EMBER MODULAR BACKPACKS by Black Ember - Kickstarter

We received the product completed in September 2016 at hand. In the third generationCITADEL PACK,TL3 PACK,HOLDALL MSNGR,DSLR CASEThere are four types, that is, this timeCITADEL PACK / DSLR PHOTO-KITWe invested in a set called.

There is no major change in the concept as a backpack, but since the mechanism for fixing the module has changed, the protrusions in the backpack up to the 2nd generation have disappeared.

The shoulder side is like this.

First of all, a flat storage space using the full length of the bag.

A notebook PC storage space securely protected by a cushion at the border with the shoulder side.

In the picture 12.1 typeLet'snote CF-SZ 5Store.

The main fastener opened to both ends of the bottom, so that the contents of the bag could be seen to the bottom.

The small pocket on the back side is for inserting tablets etc. Because it is mounted slightly floating from the bottom, it is regrettable that it is the size that puts A4 size thing will hit the top surface.

On the other side mesh pockets are installed in two stages. Since there is not much to open the main fastener to a full extent, you can use well if you put what you often put in and out of the upper pocket, and those that do not put it in the lower pocket much.

One of the accessories, a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) case.

Such a cushion and waist belt are attached.

Removable belt.

Once installed, it can be used alone as a camera pouch.

A cushion is stretched all over the inside and gently protects the camera. Removable cushions visible from the fastener gap. If you have a digital camera that does not have a battery grip, you can store it generally even with a lens.

One of the accessories,POUCH N 04.

There are four claws on the back side, so that it can be fixed to the bag.

There are two slits that can store cards and smartphones in the closed parts with hook and loop fasteners.

The main room is divided into small pieces.

One of the accessories,POUCH N 02. This is fixed with two nails.

POUCH N02 also has one slit and two mesh pockets in the main room. It helps to store cords and accessories.

In addition, handles and straps.

The strap can be installed considerably easily.

Generally it is like this if you fully equip it, this is still within the size of the large in-flight carry-in size.

Since the main CITADEL PACK part is 410 mm in height × 300 mm in width × 180 mm in gauge and 25 liters, it should be almost the same as the first generation, but it has evolved definitely and overall usability has improved dramatically. From regular commuting to school to a small business trip and travel, it became a backpack that can withstand various uses.

Furthermore, if you install DSLR CASE of height 140 mm × width 300 mm × gusset 150 mm · 7 liters, you can divide the camera from the luggage and the storage capacity further improves, it transforms to a bag that does not matter even for a trip of several days.

The price of this CITADEL PACK / DSLR PHOTO - KIT is 388 dollars (about 44,000 yen), but it is reduced to 310 dollars (about 35,000 yen) at the time of article posting.


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