The mechanism which thought about the bag user is strange "EVERYDAY BAGS" is a tremendous finish

Analyzed various users such as camera users, PC users, artists, mothers, etc., and thought out what "How to make it easier to use?" Peak Design's "EVERYDAY BAGS" back appeared Pack & Tote & Sling. Cloud Funding platform aiming for commercializationKickstarterI am in the process of seeking investment, but at the target amount of 500 thousand dollars (about 52 million yen) I gathered over 1.6 million dollars (about 170 million yen) when leaving 45 days to the deadline of investment It has become a popular popular momentum.

The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling by Peak Design - Kickstarter

Peak Design | Gear For Creative, Adventurous People

You can see how the EVERYDAY BAGS backpack · tote · sling is thought out about "user" by looking at the following movie.

The newly introduced bags are a total of 4 types, Sling Tote, 20 L Backpack, 30 L Backpack.

There are two kinds of color options: ash and charcoal.

First, let's see how backpacks are structured.

It adopts a magnet type system called "MAGLATCH" which can be easily opened and closed with one hand, and the magnet can be fixed at four places, so the position can be adjusted by the content quantity.

There is an expansion space of 8L capacity on the outside of the bag, and you can put in camera, lens, tripod, notebook PC, tablet etc. together.

Turn the bag around and back from the back ... ...

Open the side zipper.

Then, I was able to take out the camera lens like this.

Since the partition is a folding type, once you strike the strap ......

When I folded the partition, I could take out the camera lens from the back space.

Because there is space for the notebook PC on the back side, you can put the device in and out without opening the lid of the bag. We will not struggle to find out inside a messy bag and take it out.

Also, inside the bag, where the lid is opened, there are also multiple pockets so small gadgets can be organized and stored.

Bags are polycoated both inside and outside.

Also in the side pocket ......

The tripod can be stored as follows.

Actually, the strap is hidden, and the tripod can be fixed firmly so as not to fall.

A man holding a camera.

Attaching the camera to the strap ... ...

The camera was fixed to the strap. This is Peak Design'sCaptureWith accessories like that, backpack straps have places to put Capture. It is convenient when you need to use both hands quickly during shooting.

In addition, there are straps that can hook keys.

Actually there is another big outside strap on the outside, fixing the drones ......

Even if you fix the yoga mat with vertical use OK.

It can also be integrated with a carry bag.

The adjustment of the strap is also fun. Just pulling the tight pimp is tightening the strap.

Furthermore, it is fixed from the side. The system of this strap is the state of the patent pending mechanism developed independently.

Tighten the belt in front of the body ......

The bag does not slip or fall even during exercise.

Next, about tote. Since this also has a strap on the outside, you can insert a blanket and so on.

Magnets and hooks are used for opening and closing.

This state is like this when it is open.

Close this with a click and ...

Finally hook the hook.

When pulling the handle attached to the side of the bag ......

The side part opened.

You can take out the package quickly from here.

Of course, like the backpack, sleeves for laptops and tablets are also hidden outside.

Because there are many pockets and folding partitions on the inside, it is possible to keep the condition cleaned without cluttering contents. We realize an easy-to-use mechanism assuming a mother of children who often uses tote bags.

Subsequently it appeared to be an artist.

I am using a sling type bag.

Lots of pockets on the inside.

This can also store the work tools in an orderly manner.

Usually it is like this ......

It is also possible to expand the space as follows.

Of course, there is a sleeve for the tablet.

Adjustment of the strap also adopts its own mechanism, easy.

The strap became short just by sliding the plastic part. It is also a point to keep a tubular item under the bag.

An artist tackling creation with a spray can.

By saying "WEATHER PROOF SHELL", it does not seem to affect the contents of the bag even if raindrops and the like hit it.

You can see that the movie looks pretty thought-out design, but this was realized because Peak Design of the original producer used its own manufacturing method. Peak Design is a company based in San Francisco, USA.

Repeat design, experiment, trial many times ... ...

Because we do not rely on investors, we will not receive pressure from the outside.

Nothing meaningless in the company at all.

Peak Design · Feedback from users · Manufacturing factories are creating products by three persons.

Because many unique designs are difficult to manufacture, we have plants located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and seems to be manufactured manually.

In addition, Peak Design bags are currently investing in Kickstarter, with sling of $ 125 (about 13,000 yen) or more, Toto with a capital of more than $ 155 (about 16,000 yen), 199 A 20L backpack with a capital of more than dollar (about 20,000 yen), 30L backpack can be acquired with a contribution of more than 299 dollars (about 31,000 yen). If shipping to Japan is done, a separate shipping fee of $ 25 (approximately 2600 yen) is required, and the shipping time is scheduled for December 2016.

The deadline is Japan time on September 10, 2016 at 9 AM.

The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling by Peak Design - Kickstarter

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