Trolley and creamy banana flavored "Mac Shake Banana" was released a week ahead of schedule so I tried drinking it

From Monday, February 10 (Monday) to McDonald'sHawaii themed themeWe are selling one after another, but as the 2nd bullet "Mac Shake Banana"Began selling on February 24 (Tuesday). It is expected that the inventory of pineapple pie will be lost in the currently running World Mac Hawaii campaign, and it was decided that sales of the Mac Shake banana will be started one week ahead of schedule, so I decided to drink it immediately It was.

Started selling the "World Mack Hawaii" campaign "Mac Shake Banana" on sale, starting from February 24 (Tue)

Arrived at McDonald's.

In accordance with the World Mack Hawaii Campaign currently underway, the entrance was decorated in Hawaiian style.

When I go to the cash register ......

I found a Mac Shake banana towards the end of the menu. There are S size (100 yen including tax) and M size (195 yen including tax), but this time I will order M size.

The Mac Shake banana was offered immediately without waiting time.

The center was vanilla taste and the yellow part of the edge was a shake of banana taste.

I will drink a straw.

First of all, when you drink a part of the yellow banana, because it is fruit juice, it tastes like a banana to the last, but it is sweet and somewhat nostalgic taste. You can enjoy the texture of usual Mac Shake, which was sharpened while drowning.

The white part that felt the taste of vanilla faintly, although the sweet taste is strong, the taste of milk is lightly eyes. I felt it was delicious if I drank it in the summer.

In addition, the Mac Shake banana is sold until late March.

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