McDonald's drinking sweets that can enjoy juicy peaches, 'Mac Shake Momo' Taste Review

7% fruit juice made from domestic peach "Mac Shake Momo"McDonald's has started offering from Wednesday, August 17, 2016. It is said that it is becoming "drinking sweet" which can enjoy a unique texture and cool snack which is neither ice cream nor drink, so I went to a shop and drank it.

"The third summer shake" A new flavor using domestic peach is introduced! Peach original sweetness and rich fragrance perfect for the summer's lingering heat "Mac Shake Momomo" Limited sale at McDonald's nationwide from Wednesday, August 17

Arrived at McDonald's.

Mcshake Momo has S size (120 yen including tax) and M size (200 yen including tax), this time I purchased M size.

When I opened the lid, the sweet scent of thigh spread widely.

Shake is divided into a pink part and a white part.

When I drank it, the fragrance and sweetness of the peach are condensed in the pink part, and it is felt like juicy like drinking fruit juice because it contains a slightly sour taste. The white part looked like a relaxed vanilla shake, but when you drink with a shake of a sour moat shake it feels like a yogurt-like flavor, as a whole it's a refreshing finish that is perfect for hot seasons so drink gorgeous I will. It is different from just the "slightly pepper flavor", it has become a shake that fruit feeling is firmly felt, and it looked good as dessert.

In addition, the Mac shake thigh is scheduled to be available until the beginning of September 2016.

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