What does Bill Gates talk about "the possibility of online classes bring about revolutionary change in education"?

Created by himself / herselfBill & Melinda Gates FoundationsoContraceptive tipYaNext Generation CondomsBill Gates, who is investing in research projects such as research and providing support to education and IT technology opportunities in the United States. In his interview Gates talks about his own perspective in online education and reveals his own idea that he can greatly advance education in the near future.

Bill Gates: how online courses can radial improve education by 2030 - YouTube

An online lesson that Gates means is an interactive service that allows teachers who are active in various fields to teach classes or to ask questions by simply connecting to the Internet.

The service of recording classes and distributing them to the Internet has already appeared for 15 years ago, but the recorded classes were not interactive contents such as teacher and students asking questions or talking.

Although interactive online lessons are still not realized even in 2015, Mr. Gates says, "It may be that online teaching services that a teacher and students can talk by 2030 may be started."

Delivering interactive online lessons to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets creates the benefit that everyone can take classes without worrying about time and place.

Also, Mr. Gates insisted, "It is necessary to narrow gender gap due to gender in order for online lessons to succeed."

Disparity due to sex of men and women is ownership of mobile phones and smart phones. In the United States it has been found that the number of women who have smartphones and mobile phones is 24% lower than men ... ...

It is 37% lower in Asia, Mr. Gates said, "If there is no difference between these men and women, there is a possibility that on-line classes will create further differences between men and women," I was cautioned.

Education in the United States has greatly improved in 15 years since 2000. However, it corresponds to a doctoral degreePh.DThe number of students in the current situation is that there is a big difference between men and women. Naturally, there are countries where education of gender equality is not carried out outside the United States, and it is a fact that cultural background exists there. Gates is preaching that online education will be needed to bridge the gender gap in such education.

"Online education that can deliver equal education to all children holds great potential to change the world," Gates expects online education to reach an ideal level by 2030, and online Whether education can be a great tool to change the world, it is huge expectation.

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