Microsoft's view that the new coronavirus has permanently changed the way of working and learning, `` I can not return to the original ''

The need for remote work has prompted many businesses and organizations to adopt online chat and online video calling. Demand for

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft's group chat software, is also increasing rapidly, and Microsoft is in the midst of securing capacity and expanding its capabilities. Will the demand for these tools fall if the pandemic converges? Microsoft argued, 'The pandemic has changed the way people learn and work, so they can continue to use tools even if things converge.'

Microsoft thinks coronavirus will forever change the way we work and learn-The Verge

As many people move to remote work, online video conferencing apps are becoming a must. Demand for Microsoft Teams is also growing, revealing that Microsoft Teams has been used for 2.7 billion hours of meetings a day. This is a 200% increase in mid-March 2020, the largest number ever. According to Microsoft, Norwegian and Dutch users more often launch videos than American and British users, and 60% of calls are video calls.

Demand for Microsoft Teams began to increase rapidly in Europe, but the geographical pattern of the spread of demand was different from Microsoft's expectation, so Microsoft had to rush to make adjustments such as securing capacity. Yes. As companies, city halls and customer conferences have also gone online, the video streaming service

Microsoft Stream has been raised from 10,000 to 100,000 participants.

Also, with Microsoft Teams, custom backgrounds are available, and features such as the ability for meeting organizers to end a meeting with one click and the ability to download meeting reports have been implemented one after another. It is enriching. A hand-raising function will be implemented in April.

With the move to remote work, Webcam sales at retail outlets have grown, with the momentum that Jared Spataro, who leads the Microsoft 365 team, jokes that 'the PC era is back.' 'People tried to work from home on the iPad and realized that the shape of the PC was important,' said Spataro. On the other hand, the use of Microsoft Teams on mobile terminals is also increasing, which is thought to be due to education and medical use.

Spataro believes that demand will not decline after the pandemic converges. Lockdowns have been unlocked in China, but Microsoft Teams users have doubled since the end of January. Spataro sees that the spread of remote work at a stretch will create a `` new standard '', and the unprecedented `` work style '' will penetrate, so that new tools will be used for a long time .

But support for remote work is not limited to Microsoft software. There are many competitors, such as Slack, Google, and Zoom. On the other hand, Zoom

faces a variety of security and privacy issues .

Spataro does not consider Zoom's rapid growth a threat. 'Security and privacy aren't retrofits to Microsoft; they're ingrained in Microsoft's philosophy, products, and how products are developed. While rivals may focus on simplicity and speed, , In which case security and privacy are an afterthought: there is no single point of view in our world, no hits can happen overnight, and ultimately a real problem 'Said Spataro.

Spataro believes that the use of pure video calling will naturally decline in the future, and Microsoft will develop more than 'simple video calling.' 'I feel this is a turning point in work and learning. There are real problems and we can never go back to the old way,' said Spataro.

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