Microsoft officially releases personal functions of 'Microsoft Teams', an online conferencing tool that allows free calls for up to 24 hours

Microsoft Teams, a video chat tool used for online meetings and remote lessons, has officially launched the 'Personal Use' function. When using it between family and friends, it is said that one-on-one calls can be used free of charge for up to 24 hours.

Use Teams with friends and family | Microsoft Teams

'Microsoft Teams' is a service with 145 million users. As the name 'Teams' indicates, it is expected to be used for online meetings when working as a team in a company, etc., but as the new coronavirus infection spreads, it can be used for purposes other than work and remote learning. Has been introduced, and the introduction of personal functions has been promoted.

According to the announcement, up to 24 hours of free calls are possible for one-on-one calls. Free calls for group calls with 3 or more people can take up to 60 minutes, but considering the effects of the new coronavirus infection, it has been expanded to allow up to 300 people to make free calls for up to 24 hours for the time being. ..

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