Bill Gates proposes that ``chat AI will educate children to read and write within 18 months''


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Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and involved in the activities of the philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, gave a lecture at the ASU+GSV Summit held in San Diego, USA on April 18, 2023, ``AI can eventually become as good a tutor as humans,' he predicted the future prospects of AI in the field of education.

A fireside chat on education, technology, and almost everything in between | Bill Gates

Bill Gates: AI chatbots will teach kids how to read within 18 months

Gates sat down with

DreamBox Learning 's Jesse Woolley Wilson at the ASU+GSV Summit to discuss the future role of technology in education. You can see the dialogue between Mr. Wilson and Mr. Gates in the following movie.

Stage XA Conversation with Bill Gates and Jessie Woolley-Wilson | ASU + GSV 2023-YouTube

In the conversation, Gates touched on the booming AI research and development, saying, ``AI has achieved incredible milestones since the focus of research became machine learning. As you know, AI can hear and recognize speech more accurately than humans, and it can also recognize images and videos better than humans.'

On the other hand, Gates said, ``The area where AI has been essentially useless so far has been reading and writing. ” and presents the limits of AI.

However, Gates points out, ``It was difficult to reproduce human understanding with conventional AI, but new AI systems such as GPT-4 have begun to fill the gap with humans.'' Mr. Gates exemplifies, ``If you tell AI to 'write a sentence like Einstein or Shakespeare writes,' it is possible to generate sentences with an accuracy of 80% or more.'

Therefore, according to Gates, AI technology may be useful in educating students to improve reading and writing in an unprecedented way. ``At first, we will be amazed at how AI can help us serve as research assistants in reading and provide feedback on writing,'' Gates said. Traditional computer technology makes teaching writing skills a daunting task. However, AI such as interactive AI has the ability to recognize and reproduce human language and can also provide feedback on written text.

As for the future prospects, Mr. Gates says, 'Within the next 18 months, AI will appear in the education field as a teacher's assistant and will provide feedback to improve students' writing skills.' He also touched on areas of mathematics such as algebra and calculus , which are considered difficult for conversational AI because of its low reasoning ability. I've been regularly asking why I can't perform calculations, etc. As a result, it turned out that we need to improve the AI's inference ability.' I am confident that within a year we will improve our skills in the field of mathematics.'

According to Gates, the current AI has not progressed enough to replace teachers, but depending on future research, AI may become as good a tutor as humans. Also, with the development of AI in the field of education in the future, Mr. Gates speculates, ``Even poor students who cannot afford expensive education may be able to use AI tutors through human ingenuity.'' increase.

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