"Is it Bill · Gates, do you have any questions?" The principal has appeared in reddit and it responds to various questions

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Also in 2014RedditDescended to the plan "AMA (Ask Me Anything: Do you have any questions?")JoinMr. Bill Gates who made it appeared in reddit in 2016 and answered many questions.

I'm Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ask Me Anything.: IAmA

Even on Twitter Bill Gates himself announced AMA from the official account and asked questions.

◆ Q1: What do you think human society will achieve in the next 20 years? What is the most exciting thing?

Bill Gates' answer (hereinafter, answer):
The first one is the energy revolution, and I look forward to the emergence of energy that does not emit greenhouse gases at low cost. The second is development against diseases, especially infectious diseases. We must eliminate all infectious diseases such as polio malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and so on to an extent as close to 0 as possible. The third is a tool to make education better, such as a tool that will help teachers learn how to teach "how can students learn more and why they should understand why they have to study" I expect it to appear.

◆ Q2: You are known to be a very thrifty person, but are there anything that you have purchased beyond that? Is there nothing to spend a lot of money on one thing?

I think that wasteful instincts of people are formed during high school days. I do not like to spend a lot of money on clothes and jewelry. Of course it is a case of "for myself", it is fun to buy nice clothes and jewelry for his wife.

ByPeter Richardson

◆ Q3: Although many people, including Earlon Mask and Steven Hawking, say that they should have regulations on artificial intelligence before it's too late, what is your position on this issue? Also, do you think we can reach the level that humans can not control the artificial intelligence they made?

I have not seen a concrete plans on how to regulate artificial intelligence yet. I think that it is well worth discussing about this. Because I share the idea of ​​Mr. Mask and Dr. Hawking that a dangerous situation will occur if extreme intelligence is controlled by a very limited number of people.

◆ Q4: What is the oldest memories of Harvard University era?

If I choose a different choice, I will not attend the classes I have registered but will attend classes I do not register. At that time, I registered classes of combination theory and I was in the venue for final exams, but on the other side of the same classroom where the exam was done, classes of brain studies were held. I did not register classes for brain research, but I was receiving classes, facing the side where brain research classes are being held, not classes of combination theory which are being examined. I was probably the most noisy student among those studying brain study classes.

◆ Q: What if you find 40 thousand dollars (about 4.5 million yen) on the sidewalk?

Our foundation can save one life with 1,000 dollars (about 110,000 yen). It is a big deal as it can save 40 lives with 40,000 dollars.

◆ Q: Minesweeper's senior,Ini fileIf you play without touching, what is the fastest time?

Minesweeper is very lucky or not depending on the arrangement. I forgot the exact time but I think that it was less than 10 seconds when the arrangement was excellent. (Minesweeper's Advanced Mode Clear World's Fastest Time33 secondsSo it seems that the beginner's clear time is "less than 10 seconds")


◆ Q: Have you made any technical advancements that you want?

Recently I saw how surprisingly small machines from robotics companies are doing surgery. This idea is meant to make surgery higher quality, quicker and cheaper, it is very exciting. However, it will probably take around 10 years for this technology to become mainstream. And the work of our foundation is to make such excellent tools widely known to the world.

◆ Q: When do you think quantum computing will be usable? Also, what do you think will be the future of cryptography?

While Microsoft and other companies are working hard on the quantum computing field, it is unknown when to become mainstream, but within 6 to 10 years it is possible to provide superior computation by quantum computing by cloud computing I think that will become. It is no doubt that quantum computing can help solve important problems in science.

◆ Q: Do you even have billionaires who have problems or challenges that they feel helpless? If you said that in the past, how did you overcome it? Which do you like, Sushi or Thai food?

It is always a matter of concern how to prevent a small number of terrorist groups from doing mass slaughter using nuclear weapons and biological weapons. If the government carries out the best work, the opportunities to discover such terrorists and prevent terrorism will increase, but I do not know if that is enough effort, and there is not much I can do.

Also, I like both sushi and Thai cuisine. I often eat sushi and Thai dishes for lunch, so I may prefer these dishes than my family.

ByBaron valium

◆ Q: I know you like reading books, but do you have any techniques or techniques that you use to carry multiple books or read books quickly?

The way to read books as soon as possible is a valuable technique to learn. However, I do not know which method is the best. I have established a rule to keep reading until I finish reading a book once. Also, I will read two books at a time unless the content of the book is too complicated to be confusing content. In addition, since the book is almost read at night, I also have the problem of sitting up late and regretting the next day.

ByThe Marmot

◆ Q: Do you have an idea that you want to enjoy retirement plan or quiet life? If you participate in so many projects, I think that I am sacrificing my private life.

I like work and I also like to meet with scientists and field workers. Also, I am fortunate enough to live a flexible life as planned so that I do not work when I do not want to work. I do not dream of having a holiday like this when I was in my twenties. It is very fortunate to be involved with my wife Melinda in the work of the foundation, I assume that my health condition lasts thirty years and I would like to continue this activity in the future.

◆ Q: Please tell me the specifications of the personal computer you are using.

I currently use Surface Book. It is only a few times a week to separate the screen, and I prefer using the keyboard rather than touching the surface directly.

ByMarijan Kelava

Q: I just graduated from high school, but please give me some advice to my life in the future.

"Admission to university" tends to be underestimated, but many of the interesting jobs require the title of a college graduate. The related occupations are perhaps the most interesting occupations, although STEM (Science (Science) · Technology (Technology · Technology) · Engineering (Engineering) · Mathematics (Mathematics)) is perhaps the most interesting occupation, but not everyone can get it. It is also important to continue learning after graduating from university.

Besides, "Do you use Bing?" "Why do not you run for the presidential election?" "danceIs not it? "As various questions are being thrown, such as those who are interestedReddit's pageCheck it and it looks good.

After AMA, Bill · Gates is thanking those who gathered such a movie and gathered.

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