Can artificial intelligence correct education? I asked Bill Gates

ByLucélia Ribeiro

Although the way students' communication methods and way of life have changed greatly due to the development of technology, still educational laws such as "teachers talk uniformly towards 30 students" are taken at school. Bill GatesThe possibility that online classes will bring revolutionary change to educationSuggesting that,Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationInvested more than 240 million dollars (about 27 billion yen) in the field called personal learning (personal learning). Regarding personal learning, Mr. Gates says that "At the present stage it is an early stage, personal learning will penetrate in the next 5 to 10 years, I do not know at the moment", but in the future how education changes I am aware that there is a possibility to go and how artificial intelligence will be involved in the education field,The VergeI am answering the interview.

Can AI fix education? We asked Bill Gates | The Verge

What do schoolers doing personal learning do to students? Also, what kind of opportunities are born for students?

Bill Gates (Gates):
Personal learning has no strict definition. In general, there are individual differences in the speed with which people learn. If children in the class are excelled in understanding, they will be bored so it is a problem. On the contrary, the child who is late for the class has a feeling that "This is not good". Especially in mathematics, there is a tendency, if you do not understand what the teacher is saying, it will give up that field and never return.

ByThomas Favre-Bulle

You do to students who have been delayed in learningRemedial educationToCommunity CollegeYou are paying attention to the effort to do with. You say that the institution that incorporated personal learning in remedial education eventually doubles the completion rate. Why is this?

There is a big border between university and high school. In order to enter university, it is necessary to have a certain score that mathematics is how many and how many Japanese languages ​​are, but children with insufficient score will receive supplementary remedial education. Existing remedial education is given to the students in a binary fashion for each subject, "OK, you do not need", "you should receive", but for students in mathematics, for example, what you are learning in the same field Good and bad points come out depending on the content. If individual learning can clear each detailed field, you can re-learn only the part which you do not understand and return to the normal class without spending one year in remedial education. Also, with regard to what we are learning in individual learning, learners can always recognize "what level are you at?", So you can see what the remaining tasks are and how much to reach it.

Looking through the classroom, we see students who excel about a topic are struggling with different topics. It is obvious that there are many "boredom" in the classroom where one teacher tells 30 people.

How do you think schools and teachers want individual learning to be incorporated? What do you think will be a hindrance until this field matures?

The biggest barrier was that the difference was born between children who use digital devices at home and outside school, and children who do not. However, it is now possible for PCs and tablets to spread, and individual learning can be done on smartphone screens. Depending on the type of activity depending on the type of activity depending on the activity on small screens or on large screens, but in recent years many children in the United States have smart phones, so the biggest barriers are gone I can say that.

ByIntel Free Press

In individual learning I had the impression that the role of teacher would change from the conventional one. I think there is also a rebound from teachers, how do you convince them?

Although the troublesome task of making math homework at home and scoring the test decreases, since the teacher's main point of "helping students' learning" remains unchanged, there is no major change in required skills And I think. Perhaps there are generations who can not accept new teaching methods, but young teachers will definitely join. From kindergarten to high school "K-12For teachers, it should not be a work that emphasizes job content that is lost by personal learning.

In higher education, the change is even more drastic. Classes may be completed in online movies. I do not know if an educational institution should actually do so, but in a sense this is a threat. It is a big change to truncate a lot of things, but as a matter of fact, many of the schools are currently under pressure on cost. And some lectures provided by companies have higher quality than average classes.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has received a strong interest in the technology world, such as Microsoft emphasizing the development of bots. What do you think is the role of artificial intelligence in education?

That is writing things. Some people make fun of it, but artificial intelligence efforts to allow feedback on sentences written by people exist and I believe it will be possible in the next few years. In order to send such feedback that the writer grows by looking at the sentence, careful reading is necessary and it should not be mechanical. Therefore, one of the vertices that artificial intelligence in the education field should reach is a family tutor who realized "the richness of the whole dialogue".

I like to discuss new topics, but if I say strange things someone will tell me by email, so I can correct my idea. But what if things are more complicated than they think or despite having missed something, someone who will correct the idea does not exist? By talking to a virtual tutor, you can recognize misunderstandings and arbitrary ideas and learn how to use correct words. This technology that will be realized in the coming decades should be of help to us. Even now it is not feasible to affix a tutor for a fee in fields such as mathematics, but the important thing is that they will be free.

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