Unfortunately the boy who got acne in words meaning "anal" on forehead

I think that there are many people who suffer from acne at the end of puberty, but it seems that there are juveniles who have encountered ridiculous eyes that the acne that was made on the forehead formed the word "anus". The boy said it was very easy to acne, and he was suffering from everyday.

Let's see what kind of acne it is.

Details are from the following.
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Sam Cummings (16 years old) living in Berkshire, England seems to have been suffering from pimpled acne as he often said pimples from her classmates.

One morning when Sam got up and looked at the mirror, he saw that the acne made in his forehead formed words "ARSE", in Japanese the word "anal" or "buttocks" I was shocked. I thought that "I can not go to school as it is", despite trying desperately desperately, I heard that he did not do anything.

This is Sam. There is a character clearly "ARSE" on the forehead

Sam goes to school as it is. She said that she was laughing at school and was humiliating.

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