Man with guinness certified world's longest ears

A man living in northern India was certified as Guinness as the man with the longest ear hair in the world. It seems that part of the hair seems to be part of the hair when looking from afar because too much hair is too long, but he seems to grow firmly from the ear.

Details are as below.Indian Man Has World's Longest Ear Hair - News Story - KNTV San Francisco

His hair, which was 13.2 cm in 2003, is now even 25 cm. It seems that I do shampooing and combing like the hair and doing maintenance. However, many people think that his record is stupid, and he is dissatisfied with the fact that the Indian government is not worth respecting as a world record holder.

The movie that understands how to care is from the following.
YouTube - Longest Ear Hair in the World

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