Headline news on March 12, 2008

For popular game "Idol Master Live For You!" For Windows Live MessengerLimited emoji set deliveredIt is being done. The first set is distributed with 10 pictographs, 11 display icons and 2 background sets. It seems that the second bullet has already been prepared. Unlike download contents for Xbox 360 etc., it is free delivery, so it seems that there is no loss even if only installing it for the time being.

So, tomorrowMarch 13. In 712 "Kojiki" was completed and donated to Emperor Motomu, Osaka city was air raid for the first time in 1945, and in 1983, Japan's first in vitro fertilization pregnancy succeeded. Also, in addition to being born in 1926, Mr. Fujita Dada, founder of Japan McDonald's and Japan Toys "R Us, Syuri Yoshinaga actress, was born in 1945, a comedian talent, Koji Imada, in 1966.

Today's headline news.
Amazon Wish list, Developing to the festival with leakage of personal information | Digi Maga Net(Security, personal information leaks out with "Wish list search")

Amazon's amazing access analysis service - I am town! (Hatena)(Security, I will send you the real name and email address of the person who is logged into Amazon)

Capital policy analysis: Hatena - a former fund manager NEIT diary(Analyze what the company, capital relationship is like)

Capital Policy Analysis: Hatena Part 2 Shareholders 'Equity - Former Fund Manager' s Neet Diary(Analyze company, shareholder composition and trend of stock price)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Spider web thread entry sheet(Forcibly write items that do not work, write)

Asahi.com: Arrest of university students suspected of making allegedly self-imposed "victim role" - Society(Case arrested on suspicion of false charge)

Raise "smoke" of IT regeneration! ── Eight samurai who cut into Silicon Valley(Entrepreneur, it summarizes the features of Silicon Valley in an easy-to-understand manner)

US, EU approval to complete DoubleClick acquisition(Memo, the EU judges not to hinder competition)

KDDI, Tu-Ka service termination guides support system etc.(Mobile, cancels automatically automatically at 0 o'clock on April 1)

"Transit Information NEXT", a function that can be searched even by inputting ambiguous station name(Mobile, even if you train the station name, you can also use the transfer guide)

Japan.internet.com Daily research - HD DVD buyers, about 10% exchange to Blu-ray products(Hardware, premier may be attached if you keep it all the time)

Game * Spark -: supervised by Steven Spielberg "Boom Blox" cover art & screenshot by riot_ older brother(Game, an awfully acknowledged character)

"Family trainer" Let's move your body with everyone / Famitsu.com(Game, Famicom family trainer revived on Wii)

Business Media Makoto: Major supermarkets and distribution companies, raw materials to increase PB by raw material highway(Life, production and sales are carried out by the company, so it can be cheaper than the maker item)

Cute cigarette with panda sign appeared - Ameba News [Ameba news](Hobby, easy-to-understand Chinese cigarette)

Business Media Makoto: 35.8% of taxi drivers are challenging to quit smoking(Memo, a taxi full challenge by receiving smoking cessation)

■ (PDF file)We will protect everyone from bad insects !! "Oto and Normat Character Series" limited release(Memo, those simulating Kamen Rider's Transformation Belt etc)

To be polished by licking "I feel motivated" Throat new release - Ameba News [Ameba News](Notes, two types for men and women are released)

Logitech, a karaoke microphone "Pokekara" that you can sing with iPod or mobile music(Cut only the gadget, vocal part and send it to FM tuner)

Finnish library, rented books return for the first time in 100 years | Excite News(Overseas, loan records are not left)

Film entertainment record: First appearance of "Doraemon" first place "Kurosagi" 3rd place, "L" 5th week continuous top ten - daily jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(1st place holding down movies, "jumpers" and "lilac adventure golden compass")

Galaxy Railway 999: "conductor" Mr. Seibu Oizumi Gakuen station station manager announces the commemorative ticket for the "promotion" object installation (Eitan Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, the station manager will serve as the original author)

Naruto: The first time in three years Sasuke came on the campaign "Shoriwa eye" jersey etc. (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Were you out for 3 years with memos or animation?)

Kagari Pretty Girl Illustration Contest Executive Committee Page ◆ "Stick poster in Ugi machi" release(Memo, an unusual town development will be developed)

Forest Field Now, the most interesting animation will be taught "This animation is amazing! 2008" released 4/18(Anime, 2008 has just begun but I am curious)

Campaign to appeal for animation · cartoon · game as "quasi-child porn" illegal campaign MS and Yahoo agree - ITmedia News(Note, basicallyEnvironmental crime inducement theoryIt should have been denied)

What is the age group to buy cartoons "adults"? Questionnaire survey of all-round reading .com(Manga, the most common in the early twenties)

LLR Oima, bonbon and colocoro was either a fellow! Is it?(Magazine, the royal road is the colocoro school)

"Good luck" Please, four-leaf clover shipment peaked at Ichinoseki: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, little appreciate)

Tyrol Choco: Sample employee filing for rent at sample home filed - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(Memo, leave as much as you want if you can eat freely)

Father's inheritance tax 2.8 billion yen tax evasion ... cash in home cardboard 5.8 billion(Memo, how many corrugated boards do you need?)

What is an array of iron arrays? - Nose's nose(Memo, was not it a foreign language?)

Cabbage has not been round in the past ......? Excite News(Food, already round in the first century)

"The world's three biggest beautiful women's cake" is released = Kobe current news com(Feeling that food, beautiful women themselves were forcibly added)

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