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Macromill's "Young people's life consciousness surveyAccording to the report, 62.5% of the young people in their twenties are "going out" and 37.5% said they "are at home." The top of how to spend your holiday is "shopping" at 74.0%, second place at "Internet" 65.1%. Those with a big difference in the way of spending holidays in their twenties and thirties are "Internet" "listen to music" "games", although these are in 20s, they are less in thirties.

So, next MondayMarch 3It is Hina Festival. In 1931 the "Stars and Stripes" was enacted as the national anthem of the United States, and the Showa Sanriku earthquake occurred in 1933 when 3008 people died. In 1999 the Bank of Japan enforced zero interest rate policy. The CD of 'Dango 3 brothers' whose first shipment 800 thousand sheets sold out immediately in 1999 was released. Also, in addition to Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, was born in 1847, a character named Nurarihyonichi was born in the planning of "All Night Nippons of Demon Kogure" was born in 1929, and a soccer player Zico was born in 1953 It was.

Today's headline news.
People who were torn up by Zudaboro in the blizzard of the Ice Age and those who grew up and grew up in life - The split misunderstanding theater(Employment, now it's easy to find employment)

For what purpose are you going to do for the entrance examination: Minato Ward Akasaka Tsubomi half President: So-net blog(Feelings of president to find employment, interview)

Social system designers are missing (Miyata Hideaki's "Design of Management"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(It is excluded when work, abilities are high)

"TV", "Web", "Copyright" and (Life problems): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business, dialogue on the difference in jobs to express)

US Wal-Mart, challenge to reign (BusinessWeek): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business, the possibility that sales may become minus for the first time since our establishment came out)

New capitalist identity - Nobuo Ikeda blog(Memo, the Enron affair strengthened the shareholder's voice in the company)

Bungei Haruaki | Umeda's Novel 'Web The Age 5 Theorems' | Visionary's Famous Links Collection(Memo, you can read quotes of web age online)

[1st] Recommendation of "to stretch above" - ​​President(Note, the bottom is important because I do not do anything above)

Nico Nico News - From 5 March on you too will be a video creator!(Net service, official animation generation tool will be delivered)

Hatena map, Hatena Ring 's service schedule planned - Hatena Ring Diary - Function change, information etc.(Net service, Map ends at the end of March, Ring is scheduled to end at the end of April)

Google Health details revealed - Unified management of health information on the Web | NET | My Communication Journal(Internet service, consultation reservation and schedule management etc are possible)

AMN establishes a network of 10 million PV per month in one year since its establishment | Press Release | Agile Media Network(Blog, partner blog 55)

Mathematical direct programming Okita 19th HTTP and CGI: ITpro(Note the basics in the basics of memo, web programming)

MarkeZine: ◎ The talent who had the largest amount of TV commercial exposure in 2007 was Kanto "Yukie Nakama", Kansai "Masami Nagasawa", Nagoya "Aya Ueto"(Advertisement, names of male talent line up after 2nd place in Kanto line)

☆ Critical News ☆ | Sandwich Man Date Mikio Official Blog "Already good!" Powered by Ameba(Entertainment, the crown program starts in Tohoku Broadcasting from April)

"Dolipo" which the life of the Mac improves three times is released: [mi] like it!(Mobile and Mac communication speed optimization software)

Swf file extracted / analyzed · Application to decompile to fla | Collis(For people who want to tinker with software, swf files themselves)

[Developer Special Report] Software that handles files like paper "PilePaperFile"(Software, software that seamlessly handles various files like paper stuck on the desk)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 FLV movie can be edited without deterioration "Adobe AIR" software "RichFLV"(Software, software which can extract mp3 file from FLV file etc)

Demonstrate the subliminal of "Homepage making person's poster" - Tairu and Hamachiya 2 - Hatena group :: Tateyi section(Memo, there is no pants perfectly)

Mixi to support OpenID - ITmedia News(Internet service, Yahoo! and Livedoor, nifty etc also start spreading at a stretch at the start)

The chalk powder can also be reproduced on the blackboard "Kokuban .in" sticking commitment - ITmedia News(Net service, erasers will be left properly)

Story top paper. (· Ω · ノ) Nodraguae Lolita martial artists and made a journey a little 2(Image, level is high)

The strategy of Xbox 360 bringing the success of the Web to the game(Microsoft's strategy to make games, users developed games available on Xbox 360)

【2ch】 Nikko Thread Guide "Call an ambulance" body SOS in online game → boys reporting 110 → safely rescued hard-to-male males(Game, if you do not have a phone nearby)

Sugamo vs. Isolated senior citizen's sacred place, east-west confrontation! - Kokorosha(Memo, meals are also judgment materials)

Asahi.com: "poisonous gas" poster, suicide or graduate student's eldest son died - society(Case, was it a manifestation of the desire to stop suicide?)

Subsequent information on the crime rate of US soldiers - a diary written in love · Kurita's seminar(Incident, the one that is said to be "crime rate" was actually the incidence of sexual assault)

Well, the shop that entered the burglar had 50 reckless travelers! Excite News(Overseas, reckless fighters repel robbers)

Cuba signed two UN human rights agreements, refused for more than 40 years international news: AFPBB News(Overseas, Chairman Castro recently retired)

Public toilet circumstances in Beijing (world viewing Yutaka Kitamura's 'Kitamura Report'): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Overseas, few more to the Olympics)

The 2nd Beijing parents also look for a daughter's wife's parents at the park (tragedy of China "A woman"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Overseas, matching with a park)

Pursuing to bring radioactive substances Also harassing women Objective - MSN Sankei News(Case, suspected to bring it out for exposure)

The gyoza case is Japanese "culprit"? Chinese public opinion boost by Japanese reporter restraint - MSN Sankei News(Note, you proved that you can not bring methamidophos out of China?)

I will make potato chips at the range "I Love Chips" Excite News(Food, made sliced ​​from potatoes)

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