A long-awaited animation magazine "Fan Road" which was the center of posting on readers was closed on April issue and I bought the last issue

Speaking of the magazines that are putting briskly in the cartoon section of the book store's anime magazine, I think that it is four magazines "New type", "Animage", "Animedia", and "Megami Magazine", but these features are rich in animation information published Being. We are publishing copyright illustrations on a double-page spread, adding a mini poster as an appendix, and various magazines are devised.

It was "Fun Road" that was a bit different from such a route. Even though it is an animated magazine, if the neta posted by readers is posted on most of its magazines, and other magazines are appealing the work, Fan Road is fighting hot minds of fans with each other It was a magazine feeling. Issuance was a pretty old magazine of 1980, publication was restarted over the suspended publication, but it became obvious that it will be closed again on March 14, 2009 (Saturday) issue number.

Although there is always the possibility to revive from somewhere, I bought the Fan Road April 2009 issue which may be the final issue.
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The launch of "Fun Road" was in 1980, originally published anime magazine "Animek"LaporteIt was issued from. Laport, whose deadlock ceased on October 5, 2003, was suspended (de facto bankruptcy) and Fan Road was also closed on one occasion,Big companyIssuing will be continued by January and February 2004 revival from the merger issue. However, due to the problem of profitability and the reduction of advertisement delivery, it was reopened on 5th year of resurgence.

Fan Road April issue, cover is "Hetalia Axis powers".

Introducing a large number of illustration with a spread.

However, if you look at the end of the book, you will be informed that "This day is closed."

There seems to be a procedure of refund for those who subscribe.

"If this is the case, since the May issue of April 15 sells should not come out, there is no announcement of recruitment of Shimi's special issue such as the June issue at the moment." painful…….

On the contrary, the "posting clinic" that teaches how to write postcards sent to the corner is still alive. This is because the acceptance of general posts will continue,Fun Road Mobile (Mobile Only)It seems that it will be announced in.

If you become a paid member of fanroad mobile, it seems that you can read the past archives as a substitute for summary compilation extra publication, or you can read the comic which is not monetized or out of print.

Although it is "fanroad" which has been revived in the past, can you revive again, as there are successive abandonment and abandonment of manga magazines etc?

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