It becomes like this when visualizing the house price of New York and creating a 3D map

Real estate service "StreetEasy"Or"Trulia"The map that gathers the house price data of New York and made it visualized has been released. When you look at the map, you can see at a glance the information that is difficult to understand by merely searching the Internet, such as which region's housing price is high, the region where the house price is low although it is close to the center.

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The 3D map below is a visualization of the selling price of housing per 1 square foot (about 0.1 square meter). The five districts of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island in New York are displayed in different colors.

Manhattan which is the center of New York, Wall Street, the world's leading financial district, many tourist destinations, downtown areas such as Fifth Avenue and Times Square has the highest housing price and lowest house price among the five administrative districts It is getting higher. The highest house price is $ 3393 per square foot at Central Park South (about 400,000 yen). Even in the lowest districts, it costs 430 dollars (about 50,000 yen), which is so expensive as to be unable to compare with other provinces. Looking at the 3D map, it is noticeable that the house price is higher as the area is more convenient for commuting.

The second highest house price was Brooklyn in the southern part of Manhattan. The district which is the highest house price in Brooklyn is Gravel Send of 2000 dollars per square foot (about 235,000 yen). The average of the Gravesend is 470 dollars (about 55,000 yen), but the average in the area surrounded by S street and U street was 2000 dollars (about 230,000 yen). Gravesend may be feeling as a luxury residential area in the suburbs. The lowest was $ 173 (about 20,000 yen) in New Lotts at Brooklyn's out.

The biggest Queens in New York is the highest house price is 1172 dollars (about 140,000 yen) of Long Island City. Housing prices are getting higher as Long Island City is a location where you can go to Manhattan as soon as you cross the East River. The lowest housing price was $ 205 (about 24,000 yen) at Jamaica Hills, the region with the highest percentage of African-Americans residing in the Queens District. Jamaica Hills is about 30 minutes by car to Manhattan and 50 minutes by train.

Bronx on the north side of Manhattan. The Bronx's highest house price is $ 603 per square foot at Riverdale in the northwestern part (about 71,000 yen). Although it is Riverdale at a place far away from Manhattan, there is an exclusive residential area in the area facing the Hudson River, and even in the Bronx only the middle class is living in this region only. On the contrary, the lowest house price was Wood Loan of $ 110 (about 13,000 yen). This was the lowest price in New York as a whole.

At the end is Staten Island located in the southwestern part of New York. Staten Island is not connected to Manhattan by train or subway, so you need to use a car or ferry to go to Manhattan. Because of the bad convenience of transportation to Manhattan, the price of Staten Island housing is at most 489 dollars (about 57,000 yen). It was the lowest highest price among the five administrative districts.

The 3D map which visualized New York's housing price seems to be useful for moving. I would like to expect 3D map creation for Japanese cities such as Tokyo version and Osaka version.

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