"Headline Analyzer" which digitizes the degree to which your own headlines and catch phrases affect human emotions

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It is difficult to make "sentences that will remain in the hearts of people", especially the catch phrases and headlines that impress with short sentences are professional occupations. Many people make a catch phrase while expecting "readers think like this", but the service that measures the self-made headlines and catch phrases by "how much" is "emotional" "Headline Analyzer"is.

Advanced Marketing Institute - Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer is based on research conducted by linguist Dr. Hakim Chishti from late 1960 to 1970Advanced Marketing InstituteIt derives its own algorithm. As a result of the research, the series of words is stronger in many ways than the "direct meaning"HarmonyIt means that there is something like "and the meaning of the word may be wrongly conveyed, but the tone of words always acts on human emotions in the same way". Then measure how much "emotionally strongly affecting words" is included in the sentence and "EMV score"Headline Analyzer will be created that quantifies it as" Headline Analyzer. "

"Words strongly affecting emotion" are roughly divided into three categories: "intelligence" "empathy" and "spiritual". "Intelligence" is how much effective words are used when providing goods and services that require reasonable reasons and careful evaluation. "Empathy degree" shows how often words are used that strongly draw out positive reactions from people, "spiritual" shows the frequency of use of words that can influence people and appeal messages at a deep emotional level I express it.

So, first of allErnesto HemingwayI will try it with a novel "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn. (For sale: children's shoes that have never been worn)" composed only of six words written by. To diagnose, enter a sentence in the text box and click "Submit For Analysis" OK.

Although it was designed to be able to select categories, I changed the categories for some headlines, and in particular the results did not change.

"EMV score" showing the degree of appealing to the feeling of "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn." Is 33.33%. About 30 to 40% of EMV words, that is words that appeal to emotions, are used for headings made by professional copywriters, especially those with talent can include 50 to 75% of EMV words, so 33.33 % Is "professional-level headline". In addition, to get 100% which is the highest value of the EMV score, it is necessary to prepare a sentence with up to 5 words.

I tried putting a simple sentence "This is so fun" ... ...

EMV score is 0%. Neutral (Neutral) "also in the evaluation column, there is nothing specialized among" intelligence "" empathy degree "" spiritual ", it does not influence the feeling of a person at all.

After changing it slightly, when I tried to write the sentence "This makes you happy", the figure increased to 50%.

Although it is not a headline, Osamu Dazai said that "Meros was furious, surely, I decided that I should exclude the king of Ikkyu violence."Running MerosI will put in the translation of English translation.

Then, the EMV score is 40%. In particular, it is said that it is superior to "intelligence" as a heading.

continue"Forest · Gump / Ichigo IchigoLet's put a sentence saying "Life is like a box of chocolates." (Life is like a box of chocolate) ".

It is a famous catch phrase, but the EMV score is 14.29%. It seems to be superior in terms of "empathy degree".

The original title of "007 Dies" twice "You Only Live Twice" has an EMV score of 50%.

Stevie · B"Because, I love you" is also the title of the song ......

EMV score to 50%. Although it is superior to two points of intellectual and spiritual, the degree of empathy seems to be impossible.

On the other hand I entered the sentence "Marriage, not for everybody." (I do not recommend marriage for everyone) ", the EMV score is 75%. I choose a scene to use, but it looks like catch phrase and headline affecting human emotions.

As a result, OkDork.com examined the relationship between the EMV score and the number of shares, saying, "The fewer the articles with the smaller EMV score, the fewer the number of shares, the more items the more items the number of shares There seems to be a result that there are many ".

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