Is Silicon Valley software engineer said that "America's highest salary is high" is really high salary?

San Francisco Bay Area with Silicon Valley is known for its high salary software engineers. Although the average annual income of software engineers exceeds 130 thousand dollars (about 15 million yen), a survey report raised that "salary as software engineer is not high in Silicon Valley, rather cheaper than other areas" It is.

San Francisco Is Actually One of the Worst-Paying Places in the US for Software Engineers -

In the US, software engineers are famous for their high salaries as listed in one of the most profitable occupations. Among them, the average salary of software developers in Silicon Valley is more than $ 130,000 per year (about 15 million yen) or more, even students who participate in summer interns can translate annually by 80 thousand dollars (about 9.2 million yen) The more it gets, the more Silicon Valley software developers are known to earn.

However, the Bay Area, which is known for its high salary, is also an area where prices such as rents are rising sharply and it is not always easy to live because the annual income is simply high. Temporary staffingHiredofJessica KirkpatrickMr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Tanaka used 10,000 job seekers and more than 280,000 recruitment information for ten cities throughout the United States of Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco (Bay Area) , We calculated "real salary" which was corrected in consideration of the price of the area such as the price of rent and daily necessities.

The graph on the right is the average salary of software engineers in each city, and the actual graph calculated on the left graph reflecting prices. A software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Silicon Valley with the highest average salary among the 10 cities, is the second lowest salary after New York, considering prices.

In areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area and New York where rents are high and living expenses are expensive, the real salary that affects the real life feeling tends to be lower, in contrast to the relatively low price areas such as Austin and Denver It seems that you can say that you receive a salary higher than the face value.

A software engineer with the idea that "software development is the same regardless of where you do" may not be aimed at Silicon Valley but rather people who work in the suburbs can live a rich life.

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