Graph that when you compare Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft salaries this way


In the four companies, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, who are leading the Web and IT industry, we classify how much employees are paid for each class, and a chart showing the salary payment form of each company at a glance is released It is being done.

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We investigate and collect anonymous salary data from all companiesStep.comAccording to the analysis of salary data collected from 2013 to 2016 collected so far, it turned out that the proportion of technical workers was higher than that of other occupations. Therefore, at, it seems that we decided to unify disparate payroll data for each company, decide to publish it as a graph.

First of all, we target only the technical officials of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft to collect data, and classified it into four levels of level 1 to level 4 according to the difficulty of work. The graph below shows that you can see the difference in salary for each level at a glance. The highest annual wage is Google's $ 475,000 (about 51.8 million yen). The reason is that, in addition to monthly salary, Google is paid a company stock as a bonus. In addition, it is said that the contracts paid at the time of joining the four companies are not included in the graph.

The base salary indicated in light blue in the graph is almost the same as around 100,000 dollars (about 11 million yen) per year for all four companies in Level 1 to Level 2. However, at level 3 to level 4, it turns out that the base salary of Google and Facebook is about 100,000 to 200,000 dollars (about 11 million to 22 million yen) higher than Amazon and Microsoft. Also, you can see that the orange bonus payment amount is granted more for Google as the class goes up.

The graph showing the total remuneration from entry to retirement for each class is as follows. Although Google and Facebook have a very large difference in gross compensation from class, Amazon has been shown that salary growth rate is not high even if class goes up. The reason for this is that the difference in the class system of the company, the stock price of the company at the time of salary payment, and factors of supply and demand are considered to be influential.

Analyzing the proportion of salary (light blue), bonus (orange), and stock (gray) in total compensation for each company, you can see how Facebook and Google are increasing the base salary and bonus amount as the class goes up .

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