"Numbeo" which thoroughly understands various life information such as price, transportation, crime rate etc. around the world

There are many things that I do not know unexpectedly about the information on the lives of the area where I live. Everything that I have never been to anywhere I do not know anything about the world. A site that can make various kinds of information on such living in a database about the world and can check it free of charge is "Numbeo"is.

Cost of Living - Numbeo

Numbeo is the world's largest database of living information of cities and countries around the world and it is possible to examine various information such as life cost, real estate price, health care, traffic information, crime rate, population etc. in every region of the world Is possible. As of August 29, 2013, regional data of 890,130 thousand in 3674 cities are recorded.

There is a tab at the top of the site, you can select information such as living cost (comprehensive information), real estate price, crime information, health care information, traffic information, living standards, travel etc, the initial setting becomes life cost (comprehensive information) It is.

There are two ways to determine the area you want to examine, enter the name of the area directly in the left blank, select from the candidate in the right list box.

Then, I actually examine the cost of living in Tokyo. Select "Japan".

Then, information on various cost of living in Japan appears.

Next, select "Tokyo" in the "Select city" list box to select the region.

It changed to information on the cost of living in Tokyo. Various prices are represented by Range (range) and Median (central value).

Concretely looking ...... Taxi's first ride (2 Km) fee is 380 yen to 640 yen.

The price of the movie is roughly 1,800 yen.

The rent of apartment · apartment in 1 room can know the price of Tokyo, such as 90,000 yen to 190,000 yen a month.

This meter represents the consumer price index, the rent index, and the eating out index from the left.

This is a pie chart showing the average breakdown of the cost of living in Tokyo. Again, housing cost seems to account for 23.23%, the most cost.

All registered regions spread all over the world are pinned on the map and it is quite obvious whether the cost of living is high or low as the color of pins is richer and the colors are poorer as they approach green.

Numbeo is packed with too much information and it is very hard to see all the information in one area, but if you go out and travel, you should be useful if you look up information on the destination, so remember it there is no.

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