A real estate information site "HowMa" that understands the quoted prices of single-family homes in Japan free of charge

In searching for a house with a reasonable price when moving to an unfamiliar land or deciding the price when leasing or selling the current home, I would like to gather some useful information. A free real estate information site that can be used at such time is "HowMa"We calculate real estate information across Japan for each region / property, and the quoted prices of detached houses and condominiumsHausat valueIt was possible to investigate, I actually tried using it.

[HowMa] Make real estate deal more enjoyable and more familiar

◆ Search Real Estate Market from Map
HowMa can automatically estimate the real estate market in selected areas and visually see the price of real estate in the area on the map. First, access HowMa, enter the place name and address you want to examine quoted prices in the search box on the top page, and click the "Search" button. This time I will look into the real estate market in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

When waiting for a while, a colorful circle was displayed on the map around Tokyo Shinagawa Ward.

The color of the circle on the map, the closer to the blue the cheaper the price, the closer to the red, the higher the property is the property. When you click on the circle of red to orange, there were also objects exceeding 100 million yen.

Estimated market price of Shinagawa Ward Nishihinchawa River is that the apartment is 71 million yen ~ 86 million yen, the detached house is 75 million yen ~ 91 million yen under the condition of building area 80 m², land 100 m 2, building 10 years. To change the condition, click the gear icon on the right side of the balloon.

A pop-up window opens and it is possible to recalculate by changing the three conditions of "exclusive · building area", "(detached only) land area" and "building years".

To search for a property that is on sale within the range of the searched condition, click "House on sale".

Then, real estate information on sale is displayed in the list. Click on the floor plan on the left side of the property ......

It is directly accessible to the real estate agent site handling the property.

Also, since the difference between the selling price and the market price is displayed for each case, it is likely to be a measure of finding a property.

In the menu on the upper right of the map, you can limit the type of property displayed on the map to "apartment" or "detached". If you display only the apartment it looks like the following.

When narrowing down only to a detached house, the market price is somewhat cheaper than the apartment, but it seems that conditions such as old age are attached.

By clicking the "+" "-" icon at the bottom right of the map you can enlarge or reduce the map. If you try to shrink it to the maximum, you will find that expensive properties are concentrated in Tokyo, then you can see that the market quotes in the downtown areas such as Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Sendai are also higher.

◆ Assess the value of home free of charge
HowMa allows you to instantly display the estimated price at home by registering as a member. On the top page click "Click here for Web assessment at home".

Select home address and building type and click "Next".

Select the approximate "Building area (occupied area)" "Land area" "Built-up date", "Usage status" "Relationship with the house" "Current feelings on sale" From the pull-down menu Click "Finish" To do.

As a free member registration is required for assessment at home, enter the email address, password, confirmation password, mark the checkbox "I agree to the terms of use", click on "Continue to register as a free registration" I will.

Approximate appraised value at home "Humat value" is displayed, and furthermore it was possible to confirm up to the prediction of the trend of Houmauch value in the next 30 years. Also, adding information at the bottom of the screen may make it possible to further increase the value of Homads.

Also, by registering as a member, you can receive notifications when "cheap" bargains appear than cheap. Click "Condition registration" from "Notice of moat" on My page.

Select "Region", "Price Band", "Comparison with Homat Value", arbitrarily select "Type of Building" "Breadth" "Land (Detached)" "Year of Construction" "Station Walk" Click "Register".

Then the digging condition was registered as below and it became possible to receive a notice by e-mail when a property matching the condition appeared.

HowMa's coverage rate for home assessment at the time of article creation is about 95% of the whole country in JapanPower up, And the "national real estate market ranking" which ranked the top 10 municipalities, municipalities, towns and villages of each prefecture, is as follows.

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