Using "Airbnb" to lend your room to travelers, you can visualize how much sales are "AirLABO"

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I will lend it to travelers with a room that I do not use of the house in which I live, or I have properties that I do not use but lend it to "private room level" or "I will lend it all round" and interact with travelers The night-long service that the property can be effectively used is "Airbnb"is. It visualizes Airbnb's property data from the viewpoint of "lender" side, and it tells the number of properties in each region of Japan, the average room rate, the average monthly average sales etc.AirLABO"Has become.

AirLABO | Domestic Airbnb Property Data Site

To see the data, first click on "View Property Data".

Then, graphs and numerical values ​​were displayed as follows. First of all, it is data of the whole country.

The total number of listings, that is, the number of properties registered in Airbnb is 41,693 cases in Japan alone, of which 31,344 are posted on Airbnb and 84,99 are suspended properties. Average room rate is 9593 yen, how much average sales is 155407 yen a month.

From May 2015 to April 2016, the number of listings has increased steadily.

When placing the cursor on the graph, the number is divided in the pink and blue parts of the bar graph, but what is different is unknown.

An apartment / apartment is overwhelmingly the type of property, followed by a house and a inn. In addition, the room type is about two thirds charter, and although there are a few, share room also exists.

Host rankings look like this. Host ranking is not sales or popularity, but ranked by the number of registered listings. For example, if you click on the second place "Will" with 103 listings ... ...

It is skipped to the profile page of the host in Airbnb.

Since you can actually see the listings, click the category "Dream Homes".

Then, the list of properties registered like this is displayed in a row.

It is also possible to see not only the whole Japan but also Airbnb property information of each region. Click "Kanto" in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Furthermore, if you click "Tokyo", you can see the data limited to Tokyo.

The total number of listings in Tokyo is 18,231, the property being posted is 19,773, and the number of properties that are suspended is 258. The average room rate is 9791 yen, the average sales is higher than the national average of 172,638 yen a month.

It seems that the ratio of the apartment / apartment is a little more than the national average for the property type.

On the other hand, in the case of Osaka prefecture, it is as follows. The total number of listings is 10,655, with 8623 properties being posted and 2442 cases being suspended properties. The average room rate was 8728 yen cheaper than the national average, with average sales of 138,775 yen, also lower than the national average.

In the case of Osaka, the ratio of apartment / apartment is even bigger than that of Tokyo, and the room type is more "charter" than when looking at the total number in the whole country.

Also, data can be viewed at the city level, not in prefectures.

Despite the close number of total listings, average sales may have been totally different. For example, in the case of Yamagata Prefecture, the total number of listings is 19, while 12 are posted, the average room rate is 10,494 yen, and the average sales is 120,846 yen a month.

Meanwhile, the total number of listings was 24, while 21 in Aomori Prefecture had an average room price of 4317 yen and average sales of 20,207 yen a month.

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