Analgesic substances found from coffee beer than morphine


University of Brazilia and agriculture research companyEmbrapaHowever, it was found that analgesic proteins discovered in a study to improve quality by combining coffee bean genes are more potent than morphine.

Painkiller discovered in coffee that is stronger than morphine and lasts longer

University of Brasilia and Embrapa collaborate to improve the quality of coffee beans by combining coffee bean genes. The research team analyzed the genome sequence of coffee beans and found that a protein adapted to human properties was found. Researchers said, "Proteins discovered from coffee beans are unknown so far, peptides that are fragments of this protein had an analgesic effect similar to morphine."

ByKurtis Garbutt

In 2006, the University of Brasilia acquired a research patent identifying functional internal fragments of this protein, and in 2012 the results of the studyPLOS ONEIt is announced in. Subsequently, Felipe Vinecky, a doctoral student at the University of Brasilia, tested this protein with Mus musculus. The analgesic effect lasted 4 hours, and side effects were not confirmed.

Embrapa succeeded in determining the functional genomic sequence of coffee in 2004. The discovery of a new sedative substance discovered by combining coffee genes is that the presence of the Embrapa gene library was important. The research team is recruiting partners for future research.

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