It is possible to make opium · heroin · morphine from yeast like bread and beer

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An analgesic used for palliative care of patients with chronic painOpioid"Is one of narcotic analgesics that are related substances of opium and morphine. Usually, a method of producing opioids made from poppy seeds from genetically engineered yeastsStanford University Department of ChemistryWhenDepartment of Biological EngineeringWas announced in a joint research.

Complete biosynthesis of opioids in yeast

Yeast can now make opiates | The Verge

The poppy cultivation that is the raw material of morphine is controlled by the governments of various countries, so weather, epidemics etc. may result in less than the harvest that satisfies the market demand. In order to solve this problem, the research team at Stanford University uses genetically engineered yeast to convert sugar to hydrocodone or opioid, which is a powerful narcotic analgesic,OxycodoneTo be at the heartThebainWe have established a way to produce.

The bacterial species produced in this study are poppy ·Ouren· Bacteria (Pseudomonas) · It can be synthesized from molecules found in any of the rats. However, since 4,400 gallons (about 160,000 liters) of yeast are necessary to produce an analgesic for a single standard dose, efforts are planned to increase production at the next stage.

If this manufacturing method is put to practical use, it is expected that it will be able to offer analgesic agents at low cost for many patients around the world who can not use expensive analgesics. On the other hand, if there is this bacterial species, there is concern that not only analgesics but also opium and heroin can be made by homemade possibilities are concerned, and strict control so that yeast bacteria are not illegally used or stealed It is required. However,Another studyAccording to the home-made production environment it has been proven that it is not possible to make opioid compounds using this yeast, and the risk of abuse of "home-made narcotics" is not so big It is that.

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