Mosquitoes resistant to pesticides are appearing, what is the effect of mosquito nets including insecticidal ingredients?

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In the tropical and subtropical regions, malaria is the leading cause of disease and death, so mosquito nets incorporating insecticidal ingredients are introduced as measures against mosquitoes that mediate malaria. When mosquito nets containing insecticidal ingredients are used for a long time, mosquitoes become resistant to insecticidal ingredients,There is a fear that it may result in a local malaria re-epidemicIt was pointed out that in the latest research, "It is known that mosquito nets including insecticidal ingredients are effective even against mosquitoes that are resistant to insecticides".

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Mosquito nets containing insecticidal ingredients have greatly contributed to the reduction in the number of malaria patients and the reduction of mosquito itself that mediates malaria in tropical and subtropical areas. By using such mosquito nets, most mosquitoes die within several hours due to the effect of insecticides, but some mosquitoes that are resistant to insecticidal ingredients and continue to live for more than 24 hours have appeared.

Since the number of mosquitoes tends to decrease due to the effect of mosquito nets, it is possible to lead to further measures against malaria by studying mosquitoes still surviving even if using mosquito nets including insecticidal ingredients. So Mr. Mafalda Viana, a researcher on diseases at the University of Glasgow and Angela Hughes, veterinary scholars, conducted experiments with several types of insecticide resistant mosquitoes. In the experiment, we survey the survival rate of mosquitoes by exposing mosquitoes to insecticides or simultaneously giving insecticide and blood powder (dried blood). Experimental results andBayes probability, We estimated the number of mosquitoes that survive even when exposed to insecticides and estimated the possibility of transmission of mosquitoes and malaria, which are slow to appear the effect of insecticides.

According to a paper published by Dr. Viana and Hughes et al., "Even mosquitoes of insecticide-resistant type are exposed to pesticides, life span shrinks and mortality rate rises" It is said that it turned out. Although the mortality rate differs depending on the type of mosquito, it seems that the effect of insecticide has been recognized for every mosquito. In other words, mosquitoes resistant to pesticides have appeared by mosquito nets containing insecticidal ingredients, but it is said that such mosquito nets can still be said to be very effective in preventing malaria. In the paper, it is concluded that "mosquito nets including insecticidal ingredients are effective, but other precautions should be taken in addition to mosquito nets to fully prevent malaria."


In the past, efforts have also been made to create mosquitoes that are resistant to malaria parasites by editing mosquito genome and use them for malaria prevention.

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