Studies reveal that chicken odor is effective for "malaria prevention"

ByThomas Vlerick

Infectious diseases that one of the world's three major infectious diseases annually has 200 million people suffering from it and 2 million deaths are "malaria"is. To prevent infection of this malaria who has been afflicting humans from ancient times, what a "Chicken odorNew research has revealed that it is useful.

Chicken odour 'prevents malaria' research in Ethiopia finds - BBC News

Ethiopian and Swedish scientists have discovered that mosquitoes carrying malaria called "malaria mosquito" tend to avoid choking and other birds' odor. According to the same research result,Malaria JournalIn the international forum where malaria-related research results are published, we conducted an experiment that hangs the living chickens put in the basket by the subject sleeping in the mosquito net, among them Mosquitoes are discovering to avoid chicken smell.

Although malaria is a preventable and treatable infectious disease, it is producing 2 million deaths every year worldwide. According to the announcement of the United Nations, the number of deaths due to malaria in Africa in 2015 is 400,000. Since that malaria is one of infectious diseases that spread infection through mosquitoes, "prevention of mosquito bites" is very important to prevent this. Some mosquito countermeasures such as insecticides and insect repellent spray are various, but one scientist told that "Some mosquitoes have acquired resistance to insecticides," in order to keep mosquitoes away We are preaching the need for new means of. Malaria vaccines have been developed and the infection rate and mortality rate are declining year by year. However, welfare authorities are still seeking new ways to prevent the spread of malaria infection.

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Among them, a newly discovered research result that mosquitoes carrying malaria avoid chicken odor. Habte Tekie of Addis Ababa University who participated in the study commented that "Insect repellent may be made with a compound made from chicken odor". The research is still "stage of field experiment" and it is unclear what specific ingredients of chicken odor are disliked by mosquitoes.

However, experiments using synthetic substances extracted from chicken feathers have also been performed, and it has been found that they are showing the same effect as the live chicken. In addition, researchers who participated in the study said that "chickens and compounds (extracted from chicken feathers) have significantly reduced the number of mosquitoes coming close to bed nets", emphasizing its effectiveness I will.

It is said that researchers from the agricultural science of Sweden University are also participating in this research.

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