A warning on research that can revive the eradicated "smallpox virus"

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Humans aresmallpoxWe paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and billions of dollars before eradicating it, but if a small research team learns expertise over half a year it will cost 100,000 dollars (about 11 million A paper that discusses the possibility of producing smallpox virus at a cost of 10 yen) is being debated, and the "danger of biohazard due to fatal artificial virus" that has been considered for many years is a more realistic scenario It shows that.

How Canadian researchers reconstituted an extinct poxvirus for $ 100,000 using mail-order DNA | Science | AAAS

Scientists recreate an extinct virus, a relative of smallpox

According to unpublished experiments by Dr. David Evans, a virologist at the University of Alberta, Canada, the research team can scientifically synthesize the smallpox vampire virus from genotypes that can be ordered by mail . Equine pox, like smallpox, is a virus that is not considered to exist in the current nature world, and it is not a dangerous virus that is considered a threat in agriculture world as well. However, using Mr. Evans' technology, like the horseman, it shows that smallpox, a dangerous virus eradicated in 1980, can be created as well.

Mr. Evans' research is mainly aimed at developing better new vaccines and cancer drugs by elucidating the origin of the smallpox vaccine. Meanwhile, conducting research that reconstructs smallpox always hits the possibility of bioterrorism by terrorists and lawless states. Mr. Evans' papers are published in academic journals "Science" and "Nature", which show research that may lead to unauthorized bioterrorismDual useResearch "because it was rejected as publication as possibility of being hit, it is not officially announced.

Mr. Evans' research is raising discussions all over the world, but scientists and pharmaceutical companies that support Mr. Evans are also appearing, as beneficial effects can be expected for "new drug development using smallpox vaccine" . A pharmaceutical company called Tonix has decided to provide research funds for Mr. Evans's research and Mr. Evans is planning to produce a horsepox virus at the request of Tonix and approval to create a horsepox virus from the University of Alberta in Canada I also have received it. It seems that in countries other than Canada it is difficult to get approval for this type of work, as discussions on dual use research tend to glow in the United States.

Mr. Evans will rewrite the content of the preparation of the horsepox virus and resubmit it, Evans said, "Although we provide details that sufficient knowledge can follow the research content, We do not post recipes. "

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