Deer hunters reportedly have been infected with 'animal tuberculosis bacteria'



Tuberculosis is an infectious disease mainly caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a dangerous disease that has caused many deaths worldwide until the 21st century. Tuberculosis is a disease that infects humans to humans in general, but tuberculosis bacteria that infect animals to humans are also confirmed, and in the United States `` deer hunters '' are infected with animal-derived tuberculosis Has been announced.

Notes from the Field: Zoonotic Mycobacterium bovis Disease in Deer Hunters — Michigan, 2002–2017 | MMWR

Deer can give humans tuberculosis, the CDC says-CNN

In May 2017, a report that a 77-year-old man was infected with pulmonary tuberculosis entered the Michigan

Ministry of Health and Human Services . The man was infected is not a general tuberculosis, bovine tuberculosis causes tuberculosis in cattle called Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis) was Mycobacterium tuberculosis that.

Cases caused by M. bovine are rare, and it is said that less than 2% of M. tuberculosis diseases in the United States are caused by M. bovine . In the past, tuberculosis infections from cattle to humans were more common, but thorough pasteurization of milk, the main source of infection, was thorough, and cases of infection are decreasing due to cattle disease management over decades .


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The 77-year-old man who developed tuberculosis had no history of traveling to an area where tuberculosis was prevalent, and no contact with TB patients was confirmed. It is also reported that there was no history of consumption of non-pasteurized milk.

However, it is not only bovine that infects bovine tuberculosis, but elk and deer are known to infect M. tuberculosis and become carriers. In the northeastern part of the Lower Peninsula , Michigan, where men live, deer has a higher prevalence of M. bovine tuberculosis than in other parts of Michigan. In other regions, wild deer seems to have about 0.05% of bovine tuberculosis, but surveys have found that 1.4% of deer have bovine tuberculosis in the northeastern part of the Lower Peninsula. The

Although men had no contact with cattle or tuberculosis patients, they have been hunting as deer hunters for the past 20 years. A genome analysis of a sample of Mycobacterium tuberculosis collected from a man showed that there was a match with the genome of M. tuberculosis isolated from deer in the past, and the man has been transferred Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the deer I understand that. It is believed that men inhaled Mycobacterium bovine during the demolition work of the deer that was taken up.

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Several cases of bovine tuberculosis have been reported in the past via deer, including patterns caused by inhalation of droplets containing bacteria, and patterns of bacteria entering from finger wounds. That there is. Michigan's Ministry of Health and Human Services recommends wearing protective gear to prevent hunters from becoming infected with M. bovine, and that tuberculosis screening tests can be conducted for hunters.

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