Tuberculosis infection from cats to humans is confirmed for the first time in the world

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Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that was discovered in 1882, in Japan since the Second World WarTuberculosis prophylaxisThat it was enactedBCGDue to the vaccination being carried out, the number of patients with onset is decreasing. However, the infection rate and mortality rate remain high and one of the diseases that still needs attention. Infection with tuberculosis is mainly air infection spreading by coughing and sneezing, but infection of tuberculosis from cats to people in the UK has been discovered for the first time in the world.

Cat-to-human transmission of bovine TB: risk to public 'very low' - 174 (14): 337 - Veterinary Record

First documented cat-to-human TB infection revealed | Society | The Guardian

Two people who live in Hampshire and Berkshire in the UK are said to have been infected with tuberculosis from a cat, and they are currently being treated at hospitals in the UK. Nine cats were confirmed infected with tuberculosis in the state, and it turned out that the two were in contact with a cat infected with tuberculosis.

One of the executive agencies of the UK Ministry of HealthPublic Health EnglandAnnounced a paper that "Tuberculosis infection from cats to humans was recognized but the probability of infection is very low", while the frequency of contact between humans and cats highly popular as pets is very high, latency We are cautioning about risk of infection.

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British experts pointed out the danger of tuberculosis infection from cats to humans for a long time but the probability of infection was too low and it was regarded as a negligible level. The tuberculosis of nine cats that occurred in two states in the UK is caused by a bacterium called bovine tubercle bacillus. Through the confirmation of the onset of tuberculosis in cats, 39 people in contact with nine cats were to be examined by a doctor, 24 of whom accepted the test. Six out of nine cats with tuberculosis infection were discarded and three were on treatment.

Dilys Morgan, director of the Department of Animal Infectious Diseases of Public Health England, said, "First of all, do not forget that tuberculosis that occurred in cats is a very rare case, and bovine Mycobacterium tuberculosis It is a rare case that cats are infected by livestock animals, and this is the first case for cat infection from cats to people.In a report compiled by us, "from cats The probability of tuberculosis infection to humans is extremely low. "However, it is recommended that people who come into contact with cats suspected of infection undergo appropriate examination."


The infection of bovine Mycobacterium tuberculosis from animals to humans may result from ingestion and aspiration of bacteria of infected animals and bacteria entering from the wounds of the body. The same bovine tuberculosis fungus as the 9 cats infected with tuberculosis this time has been found in cattle for livestock in the state. However, considering the range of behavior of cats, it is unlikely that a cat is infected with M. tuberculosis from cattle for domestic animals, the expert said, "The most likely thing is the infection route from wild animals to cats However, the possibility of having infected a cat from a cat can not be abandoned ", and the infection route infected even to humans has not yet been elucidated.

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There are about 30 cats infected with tuberculosis from 2006 to 2012, but the research team of Edinburgh University has claimed that "more cats are infected with tuberculosis," recently announced There is a risk that the number of infections estimated is lower than it actually is. The fact that it is now clear from tuberculosis infection from cats to people confirmed in Hampshire and Berkshire states that the probability of tuberculosis infection from cats to people is extremely low and further investigation is awaited .

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