Studies have shown that people who have completed vaccination have a halved risk of transmitting the new corona, which may reduce the risk of transmitting to others.

According to the results of PCR tests conducted on about 100,000 people in the United Kingdom, those who have completed vaccination are at greater risk of being infected with the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) than those who have not been vaccinated. It was revealed that it decreased by 50% to 60%. Announced as a preprint by Imperial College London.

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Coronavirus infections three times lower in double vaccinated people --RECAT | Imperial News | Imperial College London

Paul Elliott and colleagues at Imperial College London, in collaboration with research firm Ipsos MORI , conducted a PCR test of 98,233 people between June 24, 2021 and July 12, 2021. I analyzed the results. Of the subjects, 527 were diagnosed positive for the new coronavirus, with an overall prevalence of 0.63%. Of the more positive subjects, 254 who were formally tested in the laboratory were all infected with the Delta strain.

Furthermore, when all the subjects were divided into 'non-vaccinated persons' and 'completed vaccinated persons', the prevalence rate of unvaccinated persons was 1.21%, which was compared with 0.40% of those who completed vaccination. It was three times as expensive. In addition, Elliott et al. Said, 'As a result of analysis including data of PCR tests conducted on 108,911 people from May 20, 2021 to June 7, 2021, those who completed vaccination have not been vaccinated. Compared to the vaccinated person, the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, including asymptomatic infection, was reduced by 50% to 60%. '

Elliott et al. Also said, 'Vaccinated people may be less likely to infect others with the virus than non-vaccinated people,' because on average, vaccinated people detect less viral load. '.

Stephen Riley, who was involved in the study, said, 'We are better at how infectious people who have completed vaccination are,' said Stephen Riley, who was involved in the study, as infection of the Delta strain was confirmed even in those who completed vaccination. We need to understand. This study will help us to more accurately predict what will happen in the coming months. '

Since there is no vaccine that is 100% effective against the new corona virus, and even those who have completed vaccination are at risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has completed vaccination. We have created guidance for people who are calling for continued infection prevention measures.

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