I tried to eat Kilfevon's tart that put on a new kind of strawberry "Kira incense"

Kilfe BonChange the interior four times a yearIt is a tart specialty shop that is committed to making stores as well, and will release a glittery tart with seasonal restrictions, but especially gorgeous is the strawberry tart that will be released late January. Ichigo was abundantly listed at nearby shops this time "Tart of Shizuoka prefecture "Kira incense"I bought it, so I tried it at once.

2015 Strawberry Week! A taste of commitment, a shop of cakes. Kilphebon

Shizuoka Ichigo Communication | Shizuoka Ichigo Kira Pense

I bought a tilt of Kilfevon in the hall, I entered it in a big box and it was handed.

"The tart of" Kira incense "from Shizuoka prefecture can not be purchased through mail order, but it is limited to Grand Maison Ginza and Grand Front Osaka shop, although the box has an address.

When opening the box, the tart of the hall imitated in the shape of a star appeared. Each price is 1080 yen per piece in tax, 8208 yen in hall and it is considerably high in tart. "Kiragi incenseIf you look at the site selling "9 Kiriki incense is about 3000 yen in 2 packs, maybe it is not about" too high ".

It is surrounded by paper so that the tart does not collapse, and a refrigerant has also come with it.

When I remove the surrounding paper, it looks something like this. I can also feel attention to the design of tart and how to put strawberries.

There are plenty of strawberries cut in half in the center ... ...

There are strawberries cut by 1/6 on the edge.

There was something like jelly or jam above the strawberries.

There are also sour cream and custard cream inside the tart, and because plenty of strawberries are on it, the fabric seems to be pretty solid.

I will be wonderful about the beauty of the shape, but since I bought it for eating, I switch the feelings and cut.Column of tart's specialty store "Mont Cattle"Since there were tips to cut the tart well into it, I will proceed accordingly. First, warm the kitchen knife with hot water of 45 degrees and wipe off moisture.

Before cutting, keep the tart firmly cooled, aim at 8 equal divisions from the center of the hall. At that time, the kitchen knife is not to push at a stroke, but to cut shape by pushing and pulling little by little points to keep shape.

When cut it is like this. I have a hard time cutting it down so as not to collapse the strawberries.

I could cut the tart firmly ... ...

As time passes, shapes may collapse due to the weight of strawberries, so it is better to cut them carefully and eat as soon as possible.

If you look closely at the cross section, there was a small amount of yellow custard cream in the white sour cream.

I also have plenty of strawberry jams and jelly.

First of all, when you eat from incense, there is sour, but not sharp, refreshing sour taste, the balance with sweetness is exquisite. In order to make use of the taste of strawberry, jams and jellies are also modest in sweetness, so you can enjoy the taste of Kirabi incense firmly.

The white part inside is firmly sweet and it was fresh and juicy, strawberries freshly lying also on the first day of release.

The cream containing the sour cream is smoother than the whipped cream, and a hint of sourness matches kiraifu incense. Because it contains a custard cream a little, it is also finished with a rich flavor, and the texture of crispy pie is also good.

It is possible to eat by cutting the edge part, but it is one way to eat it by holding it in your hand so that its shape does not collapse. I heard the impression of the editorial staff, "I have good chemistry of strawberry and cream, if I can, I want to eat it by myself for adults" or "I am sure it is delicious but the price is too high" I had some impression.

In addition, "2015 Strawberry WEEK!" Sold as "Shizuoka prefecture" Kira incense "tart" etc. is limited for one week until January 27 (Tuesday), "Shizuoka prefecture" Kirari "Tart of incense" is at Gran Maison Ginza and Granfront Osaka store, "Tart of Shizuoka prefecture Momoka" is limited to some stores such as Sendai · Abe no Hoop shop · Tokyo sky tree town · solamachi shop .

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