I have eaten noodles with soup Stock Tokyo on January 7th limited

January 7 is "A day festival"so,Nanakusa Yu (seven kinds of rice porridge)I have a habit of eating. At the soup stock Tokyo that is a specialty shop for eating soup, it means that seven toads will be put into the sea bream in the bamboo porridge only on January 7th, so I went to the shop immediately

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Arrived at Soup Stock Tokyo.

In the menu I do not appeal Nanasigusa Yu to a large extent ... ...

"Seven kinds of seven-day seasonal festival on January 7, only seven times in the day" was sticked on "Sea bream porridge from Setouchi". Order immediately.

The goods were delivered immediately at the counter and it went to the table. The sea bream of the red snapper from Setouchi had a small dish with condiments etc.

Ginger and three leaves are on the small dish.

The seabream of Setaiza is a full-fledged porridge that unravels the natural red snapper and picks soup from the baked bone.

Sesame is on the center of the porridge.

There were plenty of spring seven herbs. I will eat it.

Unlike Nanasikusa Yuki which is made by picking soup with bonito and kelp, it is based on daiko porridge, so seven herbs are added while there is a firm taste of the sea bream, "Nanakusa ga Yu, this kind of food with luxury Was it in the mood?

Shaitake mushrooms came out of rice porridge when I was chewing a firm flavor. It contains a lot of small snapper's bodies, which is different from the general 'Nanashiyuugi yu' image.

There are plenty of seven herbs, and the sweetness of the tsuna (kabu) and Suzushira (radish) is outstandingly compatible with the sea bream. The seven herbs did not collapse and firm texture remained.

If you eat to a certain extent you put in small plates of ginger or three leaves.

It gets smoother by ginger entering and fragrance improves by entering three leaves. The sea bream porridge from Seto Inu is finished in a taste that does not get bored, but it was nice to be able to change the taste in the middle, the body warmed thanks to ginger.

The seabream of Setauchi with seven herbs is regular, it sells 630 yen including tax, it can be attached to a set etc. As January 7th, the supermarket sells a set of seven herbs, so even at home it is easy to make noodles, but if you want to eat a little luxurious seven toothpicks, it is ant to eat with soup stock tokyo. Also referring to this, it may be Ali to put seven herbs in the sea bream porridge on your own.

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