Review using an ultra-wide 34-inch curved surface monitor "Dell U3415W" with an aspect ratio of 21: 9

Dell is a high-end monitor equipped with an ultra-wide curved surface display with an aspect ratio of 21: 9U 3415 WWe released it in December 2014. Since I was able to borrow that actual machine this time, I actually tried various ways of using it and checked the feeling at the time of use.

Dell Digital High End Series 34 inch Curved Ultra Wide Monitor - U 3415 W

So I tried to put the real machine of U3415W that I had sent on my desk on my desk. The size of the display is 34 inches. It adopts super unfamiliar super horizontally long panel with aspect ratio 21: 9, resolution 3440 x 1440 pixels. Anti glare coating that suppresses reflection of light and 3H hard coating treatment are applied to the panel.

It is a display panel in which both ends are curved toward the near side as much as the special aspect ratio. In the impression which was conservative rather than imagined beforehand, I was looking at the large curvature monitor which is different from what I normally use, "interested" at first, interesting, but in fact it took 10 minutes I also got accustomed to it smoothly when I was using it, and I had the impression that I am going to use it without any sense of incongruity.

Touch switches for power supply and various menu operations were located at the lower right of the front of the panel.

The shape of the outer panel panel on the back is slightly rounded. A red 3.0 enclosure has one USB 3.0 port (standard A plug) laid out.

I / O related for power supply and signal input / output are all gathered on the back. The connectors collected on the right side are MHL, HDMI, DisplayPort input, Mini DisplayPort input, DisplayPort output (MST), audio 3.5 mm mini jack, USB 3.0 port (standard B plug) × 2, USB 3.0 port Standard A plug) × 3. Also, two speakers are built in the net shape at the bottom of the picture (9 W × 2).

Cables and so on can be cleaned up by passing through the hole of the special stand.

I installed the eye-catching panel, and the back was refreshed further.

Immediately power on by connecting to the PC. Although the screen is the login screen of Windows 7, it is a little surprised at first the smallness of the icon against the screen. It is the moment of feeling the vastness of the display of resolution 3440 × 1440 pixels.

I tried to display the desktop. I get the impression that the "trash can" and "Firefox" icons displayed in the upper left are so small that it will be hard to see, but there is also a screen size of 34 inches and inconvenience can not be felt. The pixel density of 109 ppi · dot pitch 0.2325 mm can be said to be the same level as general monitor, so it seems that it will not feel substantial inconvenience.

I tried capturing the screen. When clicking, since the image of the full size is displayed, Has which can feel the size of the display area more realistically.

Also notebook PC (Panasonic ·Let's Note CF-SX 2) And tried it side by side. The CF - SX 2 has a display of 1600 × 900 pixels, but the hugeness of the U 3415 W, which has a display area more than twice the width, stands out.

I tried to display GIGAZINE as one that can realize this vast display area. Generally, using a full HD display will result in 3 horizontal rows of display, but in the case of U 3415 W it is 7 rows wide and number of disqualifications. The top page is designed with the latest 30 articles aligned, but you can check 28 items at a glance if you include even things with a part of thumbnails visible.

However, when you display an article alone, it is in this state. This is the same with Yahoo! etc. other than GIGAZINE, so you can do browsing and other work at the same time without having to arrange multiple displays.

By the way, in the case of GIGAZINE, you can order 2.5 articles horizontally.

With a wide range of displays, power seems to be included in the wallpaper choice. The scenery taken with a digital single lens reflex camera etc. can be displayed almost in full size, so there is no doubt that the shooting will also get into photography. The picture shows the state of Itsukushima shrine in Hiroshima and Miyajima covered with snow panorama photographed by iPhone 5c.

Also,WallpaperFusion, a site where you can get free high resolution wallpapers for multiple monitorsIt is also ant to download a wide wallpaper from. Unfortunately we do not seem to be able to find the exact image size for U3415W, but it seems to be able to clear by coping with trimming or slight enlargement / reduction.

The most impressive thing I tried in various ways is the display screen of Google Maps. Because the map spreads according to the size of the screen, we were able to confirm the very wide area in detail.

I tried to display the map around Osaka station on the same scale using U3415W and Lettsnote. The area of ​​the map is obviously different even if it looks pat.

This is the display area of ​​U3415W.

On one Let's note this was about this. Although the size of the appearance will become larger, the point where the area of ​​the area actually displayed differs greatly.

I compared the display areas of both models. For the Let's Note display area (1600 × 900 pixels) in the red frame, you can see that U 3415 W has a much wider display area (3444 × 1444 pixels). Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to that U3415W, which is premised to not move, and the Let's Note specialized in mobile also have different requirements.

Likewise, it was found that high expressive ability is demonstrated in Google Earth as well.

View the U 3415 W on Google Earth and watch the movies you flew around here. Thanks to the much larger amount of information than the usual display, I was able to feel the realism strongly.

I tried displaying Google Earth on Dell's super wide display "U3415W" - YouTube

I also tried the flight simulator of Google Earth. With the super wide display effect, it seems to be able to taste full flight experience without introducing multi monitor environment. Besides this, I would like to try out the effects of driving games etc.

I tried the flight mode of Google Earth using Dell's super wide display "U3415W" - YouTube

Of course, there seems to be many scenes that feel the merits other than hobby use. Since it is possible to secure a vast working area when editing a movie as follows, a comfortable working environment is expected to be expected.

Spreadsheet software such as Excel tends to be easier to work with wider display area. With U3415W, it can be expected to be more than enough for normal use as follows.

You can see the AU column in the horizontal row and the 64th row in the vertical direction at a glance so that you can handle a lot of data efficiently.

U3415W can be purchased at Dell's online store at 100,833 yen (tax included · shipping included).

Dell Digital High End Series 34 inch Curved Ultra Wide Monitor - U 3415 W

It is on sale at 105 thousand yen (including tax, shipping fee) for Amazon. Compared with the total payment, it is a bit cheaper than the Dell online store. In addition, it seems that popularity is rushing at the time of article creation, and it was in a situation waiting for one or two months until arrival. Dell U series 34 inch liquid crystal display (surface monitor / 3440 x 1440/60 Hz / IPS non-glossy liquid crystal / 5 ms / black) U 3415 W: Personal computer · peripheral equipment

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