17-inch large-screen notebook PC `` LG gram '' review that played the world's lightest and Guinness entered

17Z990-VA76J ” has been added to the LG Electronics notebook PC “ LG gram ” lineup since February 15, 2019. From the old model that was three sizes of 13.3 inches, 14.0 inches, and 15.6 inches, the newly introduced 17.0 inch model is a desktop PC with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and a large screen that weighs about 1300 grams, He was also certified by Guinness World Records as the world's lightest 17-inch notebook PC. This time, the actual '17Z990-VA76J' was available, so I tried it out using its lightness and ease of use.

LG gram, a notebook PC that combines long drive, light weight, robustness, large screen, and everything, will be released nationwide from Friday, February 15 | Press Releases | LG Electronics Japan


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◆ Appearance review
“17Z990-VA76J” is in an outer box like this.

This is where I opened the box.

Contents are main body, warranty card, installation guide, AC adapter, RJ45 conversion (USB Type-C) connector.

Because it is a type that is divided into an AC adapter and a glasses cable, it can be used in foreign countries where the standard or voltage of the outlet is different from Japan if you use a conversion adapter.

One of the RJ45 conversion (USB Type-C) connectors is a modular jack to insert a LAN cable.

The other is USB Type-C. The main unit does not have a port for connecting a LAN cable, but if you have this connector, you can use the Internet with a wired connection.

Since a film is stuck on the body ...

Remove from the edge.

The size of the main body is 380.6 × 265.7mm, compared to Panasonic “Let's Note” of 295.0 × 197.57mm.

The top 'gram' stamp is made of a material that reflects light.

When we measure the weight, it is 1296 g by actual measurement. The result was 44g lighter than the nominal 1340g weight registered in the Guinness World Record. The GIGAZINE editorial staff also brought some people, but everyone raised their voices as “light”.

Not only is it light, it is balanced without being heavy anywhere in the body. For this reason, handling is better than it looks, and if you have the means to carry it, it will not be difficult to carry.

On the other hand, the size is quite large when you take it in your hand, and the honest impression is that it is quite difficult to carry it.

However, there is no problem with moving in a house or company building while holding it in your hand.

When I actually put it in a business bag with an outer size of about 39cm x about 29cm, the last chuck did not close.

I entered a large shoulder bag, but it became difficult to put anything other than a PC. When carrying the “17Z990-VA76J” on a business trip or a trip, it is necessary to prepare a bag with a larger capacity.

A cushioning material was sandwiched between the monitor and keyboard to protect the screen.

When opening the monitor to the maximum and measuring the

angle with a simple angle meter-simple angle meter , it was 180-35 = 145 degrees.

It doesn't get stuck, and even if you open it to the limit, it doesn't squeak or make sound, so you can see that it is made quite robust.

On the right side of the main unit, there is a security slot for connecting a microSD card slot, headphone output, two USB3.0 ports, anti-theft wires, and so on.

On the left side are the power connector, USB3.0 port, HDMI terminal, USB Type-C port, and power lamp. This USB Type-C port supports

Thunderbolt 3 , allowing you to not only transfer data, but also charge your PC from a power source and power your device from your PC.

Because the monitor is glare processed, the color is good and the image is clearly visible, but the face and background are reflected like a mirror. Those who are concerned about the reflection should be careful.

A camera is attached to the top of the monitor.

The keyboard is a 101-key Japanese keyboard.

There is also a numeric keypad. The keystrokes and keystrokes are well received, so there is no cramped feeling that is common in laptops. On the other hand, there is a slight keystroke sound, so when you want to use it in a quiet place, you want to type slowly.

Key pitch is about 19mm.

The power button on the upper right of the keyboard doubles as fingerprint authentication. The accuracy was high, and after 10 tests, the PC was able to start up properly 10 times. It needs to be touched for about 1 second, but it takes about 1 second to wake up from the sleep state, so if you let go of the screen, you won't fail.

The keyboard has a backlight that can be turned on and off and adjusted to two levels of light emission: low and high. This is low ...

This is high. Even if the room was dark, there was not much difference between low and high, and I could read the key prints firmly even in low.

The touchpad is very smooth and there is no resistance when you slide your finger. The touchpad has a wide space of 120 x 572mm, so it can be operated with the mouse cursor even if the screen is large. Supports

Windows 10 touchpad gestures so you can scroll with two fingers moving in parallel or pinch out and pinch in

Push the bottom left of the touchpad to left click, and the bottom right to right click. Since it sinks considerably like the following image, it feels like clicking firmly. On the other hand, tap operation is not supported.

There is also a protective film on the bottom.

Unlike the top protective film, a very strong adhesive is used, so you need to be careful not to stick to something important when you peel it off.

It looks like this when you peel off the film.

Rubber feet are attached to the four corners and the center of the back of the main unit. The anti-slip effect is considerable, and since it does not slide or move when it is pressed slightly with your finger, it is fairly stable even if it is lightweight.

I tried using
The monitor is 17 inches and the resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Information that can be displayed on the screen at once when viewing the top page of GIGAZINE in full screen on a PC with 1600 x 900 pixels (top) and `` 17Z990-VA76J '' (bottom) with 2560 x 1600 pixels You can see that the amount is nearly double.

This is the screen of spreadsheet software with graphs. On a PC with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, the bottom of the graph and the right edge of the rightmost graph are interrupted, so you can't see everything unless you scroll or change the display magnification ...

'17Z990-VA76J' can be seen at a glance. Not only is the screen simply large, but the aspect ratio is 16:10, so a 16: 9 PC can be used as a work area even if it is hidden.

Let's see the basic configuration on the system screen. OS adopts “Windows 10 Home”. The CPU is equipped with Intel's 4-core CPU “Core i7-8565U”. RAM is 8GB.

The drive was only C drive and there was 419GB of free space.

Windows 10 does not come with a pre-installed benchmark function, but you can use Windows PowerShell to view the Windows Experience Index. Details can be found in the following article.

I actually tried using Xiaomi notebook PC `` Mi Notebook Pro '' with built-in super-thin 4-core Core i7-GIGAZINE


This is the result of measuring with the Windows Experience Index. CPU, memory, disk drive, etc. are gathered with high performance, but graphics related seems to be a weak point.

Let's take a look at the drawing ability in the graphics classic benchmark software '

Final Fantasy XIV: Guren Liberator '. The graphic setting is standard quality (notebook PC), and the resolution is 2560 × 1600. The GPU with a built-in CPU seems to be insufficient for playing games.

◆ Summary
The 17-inch model “17Z990-VA76J”, the first “LG gram” series, has the world ’s lightest body on a 17-inch notebook PC and a large screen that is comparable to a desktop. It is a notebook PC advocating. Although it is slim, it has abundant input and output such as USB 3.0 × 3, HDMI terminal, USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3, etc., the interface such as keyboard and touch pad is refined and easy to use, the body has an unfinished finish .

It has a high processing capacity, and it can be said that there is no excess or deficiency in the normal business scene. However, graphics are a little weak and the sound is a general stereo speaker that doesn't have a subwoofer etc., so it may seem a little unsatisfactory when used for 3DCG games and movie watching.

“17Z990-VA76J” can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp, and the price is 21,1933 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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