Users make class action suits as iOS 8 uses too much capacity on Apple devices

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OS for mobile terminals currently provided by Apple "IOS 8"Is the latest mobile operating system that can be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch etc. When installing such iOS 8 on the terminal, "In the case of a terminal with 16 GB, we will use 18 to 23% capacity only on the OSApple users caused a class action.

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On 30th December 2014, users of Apple terminals filed an appeal in the San Francisco federal court as "iOS 8 uses the device's capacity too much". Users complaining about litigation complain that "When installing the latest OS on Apple terminals, they are not told how much OS capacity the OS will use," which is a cloud storage service provided by Apple is there"ICloudWe are also trying to make the purchase of the capacity of.

Looking at the graph below, you can see the terminal capacity used when iOS 8 is actually installed. "Represented Capacity (Capacity shown)" "Capacity Available to User" (Capacity Unavailable to User) "Capacity Unavailable to User (Capacity Unavailable to User (Capacity Unavailable to User ), Which indicates that iOS 8 occupies 18.1 to 23.1% of the terminal capacity.

William Anderson, a lawyer representing a class action lawsuit against Apple, said, "We feel that many consumers are dissatisfied with this, and we want to proceed vigorously in this case "There is. But Apple2007In 2012 and similar cases were filed, but in that case the appeal has been dismissed.

Besides AppleMicrosoftAnd Samsung are similar cases, and it is obvious that users are dissatisfied with the difference between the representation of the main body capacity and the actual usable capacity. Also, when examining how much the usable capacity of the user on the Android terminal with the main body capacity of 16 GB was examined, it is as shown in the graph below, and the capacity of the OS occupying the entire terminal is the same as any terminal It is becoming something.

Incidentally,Apple Developer PageAccording to it, iOS 8 is currently installed in 64% of the whole Apple terminal.

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