Apple faces class action proceedings that could result in damages of up to 250 billion yen

Apple charges a 30% fee to third-party developers on the official App Store, the App Store. A British digital economy expert has filed a class action proceeding against Apple for the fees being unreasonably high.

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Apple distributes apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. on the official App Store, but when distributing apps via this App Store, 30% of sales are charged from third-party app developers. It is collected as. Since the game maker Epic Games filed a lawsuit for this 30% fee being too high, regulators such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, and India, including Japan, have been investigating Apple.

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In response to these moves, digital economy expert Dr. Rachel Kent said in the UK, 'The App Store's overpriced fees have forced 19.6 million UK iPhone and iPad users to overcharge. He filed a class action against Apple in the Competitive Appeals Court.

Dr. Kent says that Apple's '30% commission' on third-party developers is so high that app developers are forced to raise the price of the app itself and the price of in-app purchases. Claims that the user is receiving the tilt. In addition, Apple's practice violates British antitrust law, saying, 'If Apple's mobile platform was open to competitors, we couldn't set such an exorbitant fee. It would have been. '

In a court hearing in May 2022 against the proceedings filed by Dr. Kent, Apple stated that 'Dr. Kent has given false legal proofs, and the allegations developed in the proceedings. Is incomplete. ' However, the Court of Appeals for Competition dismissed Apple's allegations, forcing Apple to dispute with Dr. Kent and other defendants in court.

'Dr. Kent's legal proof is correct, and Apple's alleged unfair and excessive pricing needs to be decided in court,' said Ben Tizwell, chairman of the Competitive Appeal Court. Many people are trying to file a lawsuit, but it is clearly uneconomical to file a lawsuit on an individual basis because the amount charged for each is relatively small. '

The right to receive compensation for damages obtained in Dr. Kent's class action is 'Paid apps, paid subscriptions, and in-app purchases on the UK App Store at any time after October 1, 2015. IPhone or iPad users. ' The proceedings predict that up to 19.6 million consumers will receive damages, which is estimated to be up to £ 1.5 billion.

The trial between Dr. Kent and Apple will take place as early as 2023.

In South Korea, which was moving to eliminate the monopoly of Apple and Google's app stores , a bill was passed to prohibit 'forced in-app payment methods' , and Apple announced that it would allow the use of third-party payment systems. Already done.

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In addition, Apple announced on June 30, 2022 that it will lift the ban on payment systems other than the App Store for Korean app developers. If the app developer wants to use a third-party payment system, he needs to apply to Apple. With this, it seems that it will be possible to receive a discount of up to 4% commission.

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