I tried getting an ema-style decoration at "Kamihara Jingu" visited in the New Year's visit "Beyond the Boundary"

Even if I say Hatsumode, I go to a shrine in my neighborhood, go to a place where people gather together with my friends, and various options. Meanwhile, on January 1, 2015 (Thur) from 0 o'clock anime movie at Kashihara JinguBeyond the Theatrical Version - I'LL BE HERE -It was that the ema-style decoration of "Ema" was distributed, so I went to the Kashihara Jingu Shrine for a New Year's visit.

Information site that can list tourist information of Kashihara City Tourist Association Kashihara City: New arrival information ["Distribution of ema-style decorations that collaborated with theatrical version animation" at the Kashihara Jingu "

Originally, the collaboration was done in the TV animation broadcast from October 2013 to December "Beyond the Boundary", the scene in the vicinity of Kumehara-cho where Kashihara Jingu is located triggered. In the spring of 2015, "the other side of the boundary" is made into a movie, so it seems that the ema style decoration was to be distributed with the aim of hit prayer of the movie and regional revitalization.

Arrived at Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line · Abe Nobashi. Until Kashihara Jingumae aiming for, at this timing it is the fastest way to Yoshino Express.

Start moving on express.

Arrived at Kashihara Jingumae in about 40 minutes.

Since there are many large guide boards, you should not get lost as to which direction the shrine is.

I left the central entrance of Kashihara Jingumae station. Because the time is 22:30, it is not surprising that there are people even if it was not New Year's Eve, but the atmosphere that the night shop is out is a special special day.

It is about 10 minutes on foot to Kashihara Jingu Shrine. However, the pedestrians are a bit less ... ....

I came in front of the torii, but it is not about "people are crowded", but I can move with Swiss.

It is the impression that there are not so many people stopping their feet at night stores.

When you cross the Omotesando line where the night shops lined up, there is a handwater on the left hand side. This is where I turned the south god gate from the handwater.

There is a shrine over the south shrine.

I can predict how many people are guarded from the number of guards and the cones arranged like this, but it is rattle at 22:30 as of this time.

There are no omikuji matrices ......

Udon and zenzai can be eaten immediately.

It was written in the center as 'entrance to the worshipers', this is the outside worshiper.

As you climb the stairs of the outside hall, you will find the main shrine. People are fine if you come here. Although there are also people who finish a praying ceremony on December 31st not "Hatsumode", many people are standing in the place of picking up a New Year's visit.

The purpose of this time is "Hatsumode" to the last, at the same time, there is a mission of getting the ema being distributed, so once go outside the Worship Hall. "Asuka · Fujiwara Miyako and its related assets group" and Nara's World Heritage Panel Exhibition "will be held from 10th to 16th January (Thursday) from 3rd January (Saturday), but this time I can not see it ... ....

In retrospect, there was a large ema on the right side of the outside worship hall. Compared to the priest who walks next to you, you can see that it is roughly three human beings in size.

On the further right hand side there is a tent installed, and the letters "(Omikuji) and prayer ema".

This was the place to distribute the ema-style decoration of "Kashihara Jingu × the other side of the boundary".

Secure a numbered ticket. Since it was decided to form a row from 23:30, we decided to wait for about an hour.

Shrine maidens walking towards the outside palace.

As the distribution of ema begins on Thursday, January 1 (Thursday), we can not finish "Hatsumako" first, we just wait on site. Then from around 23:20 we will line up in order of arrangement number in the row formed afterwards. As you can see from this picture, the row was just a place to disappear the outer worshipers in the tent, so I counted down from the remaining 10 seconds, but I was passing the year while watching the clock "I'm right now" It was.

Distribution will proceed fairly smoothly from the start, get ema emptily easily. This distribution,Official site of Kashihara Jingu ShrineAlso"Beyond the Boundary" Official SiteAlso"Beyond the Boundary" Official TwitterI did not have any information, so I felt that I was a bit less aware ... ....

However, it is supposed that the matrix of Hatsumodo Newspaper visit is serious as I see sideways ... ....

Compared with this, it can be said that the matrix of distribution was easy.

Shinto priests were photographing this outflow.

From this position, there is no expectation of how many minutes it will be inside.

Inspiration and people are being sucked in.

Since it is not much that I come back so far without a first visit to this place, I will line up my mind ... ....

Then, although the entrance restriction is applied because the part of the outside worship shrine is narrow, I was going to advance the queue about once every 3 to 5 minutes, so it was never too long awaited, and it was less than 15 minutes So it reached so far.

In retrospect, the next group was waiting for entry.

When I finished visiting the shrine and trying to go out for a short time, I just passed the place where the next group entered.

In this way, people are steadily being sent in, but as people come later from behind, the waiting queue does not decrease at all.

I will go through such a row, return to Omotesando, heading to the station in front of Kashihara Jinguma. The night shop was crowded on the way back.

It was a situation where you can choose between normal and limited express on the way home ....

Because it usually takes more than 1 hour to Abe Nobashi, we decided to ride the express.

This vehicle is "Sakura linerWhat is operating as.

Take the ticket quickly and get on.

Sheet is like this ......

It was a lot of saving that there was an outlet during the footrest.

However, it was only 36 minutes from Kashihara Jingumae to Abe Nobashi, so I could not have benefited so much ....

By the way, the ema-style ornament that I got this time is like this. It is high as 2,000 yen per one, but it is larger and looks good than I expected. Distribution from January 1 (Thursday) is "at the beginning 500 pieces", and in case of many applicants, there are cases where the number may be increased in a period. Distribution period is until May 31st (Sun).

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