Eizan Electric Railway "K-ON !! × Eee !! Musical instrument type special ticket 2011 early summer" limited 6000 fight competition photo report

We will tell you how Eizan Electric Railway Co., a private railway company in Kyoto released a musical instrument type passenger ticket printed with all the characters of "K-ON !!" for only 6000 pieces. There is also a preliminary announcement that the ticket distribution is severe unless it is from a nearby neighbor even if the arrangement ticket distribution starts from 5:30 early in the first train and starts with the first train, and furthermore "a ticket is not distributed to the queue formed before 5:30" It is in a state that it is quite difficult to read in advance as to what kind of battle situation it will be.

When I opened the lid, I distributed the sales offices at several stations and facilitiesOume Railroad "K-ON !!" Second Phase broadcast start commemorative ticket and admission ticket set saleUnlike, as I sold all 6000 sets at one point at Toyamachiyu station, people wanted to buy, people were overflowing from the station, and it was supposed to be ridiculous around Toyamiyuyu station in the usual way.

The appearance that "K-on !!" fans gathered at Toemachiyan station is as follows.

Welcome to the page of Eizan Train!

We will take this route at this time because we can make it in time for the scheduled ticket distribution time even if we head for the first train from the Eizan Train Shogakuin station.

In front of the station, "K-on!" Shopping street that appeared in 7 episodes "Plaza Shogakuin"

Because the area around Shogakuin station and the station itself appeared in the work, it was recognized as a sacred place by many fans, and the only POP considered to have been prepared by people in the shopping street was set up.

And a mysterious person standing beside it.

At Shogakuin station there are those who wait for the first train bound for Toemachiyu.

Ticket gating machine with quite a different feeling from the ticket gate in the city center.

A poster of the movie "Ke-ON!" Was found in the station premises.

While traveling on the first train, a person who seems to be a ticket purchaser is on standby in front of the leading car.

Arrived at Demachiyanagi station.

This population at the time the first episode of Eizan Electric Rail arrived. The beginning of the Hizuyama Railway was thought to be the fastest route as a route heading by train on the morning as it is in time for distribution of numbered tickets ......

In front of the station several notices on "K-on! Special ticket" are posted around the station.

Posting that "When we judge it as dangerous, we may advance the time to start alignment" has been added since. It seems that the alignment start time seems to have been accelerated according to this bulletin, and when asked the station staff, as a result of too many people rushing in, we guided the queue that was made before 5:30 as a sales standby line into the station premises Thing. It seems that no penalty was announced beforehand.

Already in the station premises the rows can not be accommodated and are guided to the basement of the Keihan Electric Railway Station.

Also staggered on the stairs and queue. A lot of people were visiting regardless of sex and age, and various people ranged from grandchildren grandchildren who got their grandmother to a couple.

Because it is thought that this is the last one, since the ticket gate is before the ticket gate, only the row is separated, and the row continues further.

I was going out of the underpass at last when I was pursuing the last tail.

The last tail is here.

A long line is formed along the Kamogawa river. Just a long line.

There is a police car where the lamp is shining in front of Toyamachiyu station. It seems that the police are mobilized too often.

Many appearances of policemen cracking down on street parking.

In the meantime, the distribution of numbered tickets began near the beginning.

I call a station worker by raising my hand like I and I.

By the way the numbered ticket was something like this. It is quite distinctive that the Twitter hash tag "# kon_eiden" is written in the lower right Sumi. With this hash tag, I can get to know the reactions of people who lined up in the queue and people who knew about it through Tweets, and I am pretty aimed at it as aim.

As the start time approached, the ticket appeared on top of the long machine. Tension increases.

Around 5:40, a car marked with a head mark of the movie "Ke-ON!" Which is being performed simultaneously with the sale of this memorial ticket arrives at Toemachiyan Station.

The collaboration head mark of "K-on!" And "Eee!" Is like this.

I will also turn around the other side of the vehicle.

The design of the head mark was the same as the front.

At around 6:00 on sale start time, the tension increases at once.

And sales started.

The moment the first person got a ticket.

I will purchase it with my age and young man mixed up.

People who were able to purchase did not dissolve immediately, and they checked the serial number in front of the station.

At the beginning, people who got a ticket began to appear, but during that time the line grew steadily and reached the other side of the bridge crossing the Kamogawa River.

It is just across the forest of Kamogamo Shrine.

A person holding the last tag brings in a buyer.

And it was announced by the official Twitter account that the special ticket was sold out around 8:41. It is exactly the momentum that 6000 sheets are sold out in about two and a half hours from the start of sales.

Twitter / @ eizandensha: Musical instrument type ticket, sold out. Thank you very much

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Eizan Electric Railway "K-on !! × Ree !! Musical instrument type special ticket 2011 early summer" Photo review

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