Eizan Electric Railway "K-on !! × Ree !! Musical instrument type special ticket 2011 early summer" Photo review

Eizan Electric Railway "K-on !! × Eeh!! Musical instrument type special ticket 2011 early summer" limited 6000 fighting gameWe talked about the state, but we will look at the photographs of the instrument type special ticket that many fans have been getting on getting on.

"Shinkakuin station entrance ticket" in the form of a musical instrument of each part's responsible part by making the same as the old ticket, so-called "rigid ticket", "ticket at Shimachigaya station from the Shugakuin station" "Nagaya-yaya station Tickets "from" Demachiyanagi station to Kurama station, "" Tickets from Kurama-ga station to Shogakuin-e station ", and even a one-day ticket, its name was also" Fluffy Ticket "as a set.

"K-on !! × Eee !! Musical instrument type special ticket 2011 early summer" Photo review is from the following. This is "K-ON !! × Eee !! Musical instrument type special ticket 2011 early summer." It is 2500 yen per piece.

Illustration that the logo is wrapped with "Eee !!" logo on the vehicle of Eizan Electric Railway in the left corner.

Illustrations are arranged with images like memory albums of a lot of tea time after school.

"K-on !!" Illustration of wrapping vehicle wind as well. According to the release of this ticket "K-ON !!" cars are also treated with illustrations of cars, but there was not any change in the body with only the head mark, so if such a vehicle is realized It seems to attract attention.

It is made of 0.6 mm thick paper, so it is pretty solid.

On the back side, the ticket which shaped each musical instruments in charge carries.

"Shogakakuin station admission ticket" is Azu-chan. Please note that you can not get on the ticket to the last.

Yui is "a train ticket at Shimochiyanagi station from Shogakuin station." It is for the same section as the route that I got on the first train in search of a ticket.

Mio is on "a train ticket from Nakamachiyan station to Nenngeiya station".

Rits are "a ticket from Demachiyanagi station to Kuramma station".

"Ticket from Kurama-ga station to Shogakuin station" is wheat.

And, "Fluffy Ticket" of the 1-day ticket is a collection illustration and a route map of available sections.

According to the Official Twitter account of Eizan Electric Railway, there are notice to the ticket itself that the used ticket will be collectedIn case you want to bring it to commemoration, push "invalid seal" or "seal" on the surface and return itIt seems to be done.

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