Wash the blood with blood "K-ON !! Fair" Original fan cheat game, "K-on !! Tsume Yu Tirol" also Photo Review

LAWSON's "K-on !! Fair" where many original products are on salebut,"If you buy two tie-up products or target sweets, you get original fan clubs on first come, first served basisThe gift for the original fan cushion fight that washes the blood with blood at the same time as the start of 7 am today was launched today. I managed to get all the original fan, so I will send you a photo review.

Also, it is released as a different project from "K-on !! Fair" this time"Ke-on! Tsutomu TyrolI bought a product called 'So, we reviewed together.

Details are as below.Each shop first-come, first-served gift | K-on! Fair | Entertainment · campaign | Lawson

Arrived at Lawson around 6:40 am May 10th. At the entrance the flag of "K-ON !! Fair" was down.

Toward the lifting of the ban on 7 a.m.,"K-on !! Golden Chocolate Pan Mini" and "K-ON !! Grilled Curry Bread"The display of has started.

Fans who have already been well trained are waiting around the private space "K-on !! Fair" in one corner of the shop. About 10 people came at 6:40 am, but it became about 15 people around 6:55 am.

Clerk at about 6:58 am will start displaying "K-on !! Fair" original goods. However, this stage is not a start, so no one will handle the item. The moment when the "original fan" arrives at 7 am at the beginning of the morning is the beginning of the game.

7 AM. At the moment the clerk put the original fan on the display shelf, the hands of the customers who waited all went up to the sideways and pushed forward with each other, separated the desired characters in a moment and gathered the taste of choice I will. In this way, the fan has disappeared in just 5 seconds. By the way, after the storm has gone, the scenes where fans exchange fans around the house.

That's why the "K-on !! Fair" original fan is obtained here after getting through the fierce early morning fight. All six types.

On the reverse side is the character of "HTT".

Hirasawa Yui. It was the first to disappear at Lawson.

The back side. Red is the base.

Next, "after school tea time". This is also popular enough to disappear in almost instant.

The back side. White is the keynote.

It is Nakano Azusa. I got overwhelmed by too much popularity, but thanks to the friendly guy returning it to the display shelf I got it.

The back side. The color is green.

Mio Akiyama. At the shop front, it disappeared when I noticed it.

The color is blue.

And Kotobuki Tsumugi. Several pieces remained after 7 a.m., but it seems to have gone soon.

The color was pink.

Last was Tanaka Ritsu. There were only a few of them left, but it was soon to be lost.

The color is yellow.

And here is "K-on !! Fair", but here is a collaborative project with Tyrol Choco "K-on !! Tsume ni Tyrol" is here. There are ten different can designs.

Hirasawa Yui & Nakano Azusa.

The back side looks like this.

Chocolate design has 30 kinds in all. It is a style of picking 9 tyrol choco of a design of your choice into one can and bringing it to a cash register. The price is 360 yen with 9 pieces of tyrol chocolate in one can.

After school tea time which became the cover of a magazine like "Rocking On".

A member of sleeping after school tea time.

It is a graduation ceremony.

Mio Akiyama & Yui Hirasawa.

After school tea time I love Azu-chan.

After school tea time with maid clothes using two cans.

Here is also Marie Look connected two cans after school tea time.

Try opening the whole thing like this.

This is "K-on !! Character Metal Tag" released in early May from Ensky. I put it at the shop front so I tried purchasing one after another.

The back side.

When opening the exterior, it is wrapped in cardboard like this in this way.

It was Hirasawa Yui version.

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