K-ON! Lawson store decorated with characters Making landscape & completed state

The hotel Keihan Universal Tower store near Lawson 's Universal Studios Japan, which started the third edition of the "K - ON!" Fair from November 22, has become a "K - ON!" Decoration store. The decoration starts from 0 o'clock on the 27 th, it is completed before 4 o'clock, and now it is already being operated as a "K-on!" Store. This time, I have watched over all the way how the decoration is done.

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I arrived in front of Universal City station at 23:30.

The Hotel Keihan Universal Tower is just opposite the station, and Lawson is on the third floor (the same floor as the station).

A ladder is already lined up in front of the shop.

A state waiting for work to start now.

Work started at just 0 o'clock.

At first it starts from pasting the illustration on the outside of the shop.

The periphery of the automatic door seems to be filled with illustrations all at once.

These are attendees for checking the position to paste the actual illustration.

To actually paste it is here.

The manager appeared wearing a special jumper for the staff.

While the work is going on, the store manager of the pet store quickly. Not checking the work but having the jumper moved to a bright place to make it easy to shoot.

It is quite conspicuous jumper, but unfortunately it is not for sale.

At that time, I got the next step. Water is sprayed by misting and it is wiping it with a wiper.

I will align the letters there.

As you paste with water, wet the surface to which this letter also sticks.

Put together the place, you have a peek.

After pasting, push out water with a spatula.

Looking at the pasted place from the table like this.

In addition, I will also paste illustrations.

This is an illustration of waiting wheat.

I pasted the logo and the character with the water in the paste, but this is transferred directly to the glass.

The pasting work of wheat began.


When noticing the station was closed.

While the surroundings became quite dark, only Lawson is shining lightly.

The transfer of characters has progressed considerably and the work of peeling off unnecessary film starts.

This glass surface seems to have finished working.

Looking from the table like this.

Continue, work to decorate the surroundings of the characters will be carried out.

Loppi also noticed K-on! To the specification.

It seems that an original HMV gift card was born.

It is part of visualizer which seems to be troublesome at all.

This fine work is written in copyright notation.

Further work progressed, closing the door in front of the shop and placing & pasting work only.

It was a decorative work while doing business, but what did you think of a general guest who came to Lawson at this time?

Work on coloring the surroundings of the character is in the final stage.

It is quite spectacular to see from inside the shop.

However, the fact of impact was discovered at the end. The romanization of "Tsumugi" is not "TSUMUGI" but "TUMUGI", S is not enough.

I thought that it would be missing ...... I thought that it was just made but I did not come to the scene, the work to insert S was done at the end.


Tsumugi, completed!





With this, "K-on!" Decoration shop is completed. After all, decoration was completed while continuing business.

After completion, the craftsmen passed away like the wind. Thank you for your hard work.

On the 27th, goods sale is scheduled to start from 7 o'clock.

By the way, the inside of the shop looks like this, pops of "K-on! Fair tie-up product on sale!" Pop out here and there.

"K-on!" A shelf that collects sweets and collectibles of the fair.

Graphic is also being sold.

It becomes like this when it is assembled.

Clear files are also placed in the corner of the rice cake.

A tie-up product or a snack can receive one clear file by a total of two pieces.

This decoration is supposed to continue until December 29.

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