Lawson 'K-ON !! Fair', how much it turned into a fierce battle was like this

Last November, 2010Also popular animation that became ridiculous "K-ON !!"Although it is a collaboration project of LAWSON, it will be held from May 10 (Tuesday) to May 23 (Monday) this time"K-on! Fair"Since the original product comes out too slippery, the advanced information warfare was unfolded before the day, and the Lawson side to the other also vigorously warned the flying get before the sale, shorthand for the abbreviation from the many experiences so far , It seems that attention was strictly attended to every store. But ....

So, the record of the fierce battle as to how it came was as follows.
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K-on! Fair

◆ 1st store, around 1 pm the previous day
When I asked the clerk, there is a delivery at 0 o'clock and 5 o'clock on October 10, but K-on !! I have not confirmed which flight the original product will come. However, since we start distributing fanatics from 7 o'clock in the morning, it seems that we have all items at 5 o'clock. Only a corner of sweets is a sensitive paper such as security cameras operating. Because of the ban on browsing and sticky sticky paper There is no figure of the bullies.

◆ 2nd store, around 1 pm the previous day
K-on! Because it was specially designed shelf due to the special shelf, in fact it was quick preparation in advance and the lines that were in line before the cash register were already sold metal tags (not eligible products). When asked to the store manager, "Since we are busy early in the morning, we are preparing shelves at night, but we can only sell the target items from 7 o'clock, because the headquarters is quite severe, we must keep time." Thing.

◆ 3rd store, around 1 pm the previous day
"We will arrive at 1 am, but we will not line up at the shop unless it is at 7 am, I will never sell it."

◆ 4th store, around 1 pm the previous day
"I will never sell it unless it is at 7 am"

◆ 5th store, around 23 o'clock the previous day
"I will definitely not sell unless it is at 7 am, because it is decided throughout the country."

◆ 6th store, around 1 pm the previous day
"I will definitely not sell unless it is 7 o'clock in the morning, as it is decided throughout the country," the same as before.

◆ 7th store, around 0 o'clock on the day
It seems there was no arrival at 0 o'clock and it will come at 5 o'clock.

◆ 8th store, around 0 o'clock on the day
When asking about the stuffed toy, "We have not placed orders at home, we are not dealing."

◆ 9th store, around 0 o'clock on the day
Although shelf is vacant, sales start and hard stance from 7 o'clock.

◆ 10th store, around 0 o'clock on the day
Finally found some original items, but only sold out "K-ON !! Yuuku na Stuffed Doll" which is said to only ship one store at a time.

We purchased "K-on! Mike Popcorn Butter Soy Sauce Flavor (3 types 118 yen each)" "K-Bank (6 types each 630 yen)" "K-on !! Mini Case 2 399 yen) "" K-on! After school Baumkuchen (680 yen) "" K-on !! Tablet (6 types 210 yen each) "" K-on !! Can candy (6 types 350 yen each) "" K-on! Sealed chocolate snack 2 (138 yen) ".

◆ 11th store, around 0:30 on the day
Finally I came across to a store that was already on sale and was not destroyed. "K-on !! Metallic Plate Lawson Limited (12 types each 315 yen)", etc. There are various.

I found "K-on! Plush toy (735 yen)". It is that it is rolling on the upper right of the image below. Other than that, it is "Keio !! portable stand (5 types 840 yen each)".

"K-on !! Reflector (5 types 630 yen each)" also found.

It becomes like this when sold out

When I go to the instant noodles corner, I think "K-on! Summer festival store Typhoon Yakisoba (198 yen)"!

Also purchase "K-on !! Tsume ni Tirol". There are 10 types of can designs, 30 kinds of chocolate designs. It is OK if you select 9 tyrol chocols of your design in one can and bring it to the cash register. It is 360 yen with 9 cans.

That's why leaving "K-ON !! Golden Chocolate Pan Mini (135 Yen)" "K-ON !! Grilled Curry Bread (135 Yen)".

Then we started distributing "Gifts for each store first-come, first-served basisIt became. If you purchase two tie-up products or two snacks you want, you can receive one piece per person, but since there are six types in all, this is a difficult business.

Then I will go seeking the rest.

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