A horse pulled "Ma horse Mizuki" holding omikuji

At Okazaki Shrine in Kyoto cityOmikuji is contained in the body of rabbits "Rabbit Omikukuji"In the same way, Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto City (Kamo Ryojin Shrine Company) also said that there is a "horse Mikuji" whose horse has omikuji, so I decided to draw in the afternoon of the afternoon Did.

As I visited at year end instead of Hatsumode ... ... but preparations were under way for the beginning of the year. Currently there are stalls in this neighborhood.

Inside the spacious premises

Go ahead and go to the front of the second torii ......

There is Shinmachi. In the New Year etc, the Shinto shrine and the Kamiyama number are connected here.

Going further back, there is a tower gate ......

A horse squirrel has been placed. One body 500 yen.

There are also eight harvesting tablets, but since 2014 is the afternoon year, we will draw a horse quilt.

Hee hen!

And a lot of plenty of threads are added.

Mr. Oma will take away with you.

Incidentally, other shrines also handle horses only lotteries. For example, it is popular in Osaka under the name "Ishikiri-san"Ishikiri Kendo Shrine.

Speaking of Mr. Ishikiri is famous for Baidu. There is a Baidu stone in front of the main shrine of the shrine and in front of the torii, and it makes 100 round trips there. Although Baidu stone itself may be found in many different shrines, there are not so many if you actually become a person who is doing a baid. However, many people in Mr. Ishikiri are doing it barely.

The purpose of this time is here, "Shinkamori Mikuji" 500 yen.

Here is a horse made of pottery. The Mikuji was immediately removed.

I will decorate a zodiac picture as an lucky but people who do not prepare may decorate this horse.

May 2014 be a good year.

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